Wanna hear the new Whitesnake album?

  • I was just thinking that same thing about Coverdale the other day. I listened to some DP and Whitesnake - where his voice sounded great - and then listened to the Coverdale-Page album (and some other recordings done around that time) and he sounded awful. Then I listened to more recent recordings and he sounded much better. At least his range seems good, even if the depth isn't quite there.

    The new cd sounds alright so far (I'm on track 3). I'll probably buy it at some point.

  • I listened to the whole thing three times while doing my taxes and it is pretty good. As Todd said, it's nothing new, but it's solid. It has everything you'd expect from a typical Whitesnake album - rockers, ballads, and numerous songs with "love" in the title. I think my favorite song was one of the slower numbers - "Summer Rain".

  • Thanks!!

    listening as we speak. I did not care too much for the new tracks on the last live release but I will still give this cd a shot as I have always enjoyed Whitesnake. Vocally, he sounds ok so far but i am curious to see how he holds up live......


  • Glad I was able to listen to it yesterday. Listened twice while working on my taxes. I like it. A worthy addition to the Whitesnake catalog.


  • Thanks todd, for posting this CD list, (you sly dog you)
    before the free sample site was shut down.

    I only managed to listen to the first track:
    "The Best Time" or was it "The Good Times?"
    (ANOTHER senior moment for me!) :huh:

    Anyway, here's my review of that one song,
    done in my "fashion statement" style:
    There was an awful lot of guitar "lace" on this song.
    One is almost tempted to say that it was the best
    accompaning guitar music that money can buy.
    Remove the lace.....and you've got the un-adorned dress.
    (The actual song, plus DC's voice.)

    There were 2 things on this track that struck me.........
    There were unusual chord changes that made me think of the Beatles.
    And Mr. Coverdale's singing sounded awfully close to the Fab Four's
    version of "Twist and Shout" with John Lennon singing lead.
    (JL had trouble even speaking, after screaming his way through that song.)

    Well, for what it's worth......that's my review.

  • Apparently it was leaked! It was meant for retailers to listen to the album in full.

    So now the record company have removed it!

    Now I understood why I couldn't listen to all the songs but the first one!
    David, thanks for the explanation!

  • I also listened to the album in whole....three times actually. I'm sorry to say it but am I the only one here who doesn't like the album? I guess I was hoping for a more classic blues-sounding WS album. Something in vain of the awesome Restless Heart album from 1997.


  • Darn the risks of being on the road... I missed it... Ah well it's been almost 8 years since new Coverdale material (not counting the 4 new songs on the live CD, so what's another month?


  • Well after one listen it sounds like a perfectly fine by the numbers rock album, perhaps a little over the top and over produced but better than most stuff around at the moment.

    However, i must be getting old as i would much prefer more of the blues of the late 70`s and early 80`s Whitesnake line up.

    The best album David has made in recent years must be the very underrated "into the light" where David actually sings rather than trying to be the pouting shouting rock god, however as it didnt have the Whitesnake brand name attatched to it i presume it didnt sell enough copies.

  • I have not heard this, but have many friends (you guys as well) that have mixed reaction. One friend said it was nothing new.

    My reaction to that was: why do you want something new? the band sounding like Hoobastank? The parameters can only extend so far. If it's a decent, honest effort, we can only applaud it :claphands

    Face it, these guys aren't in their prime anymore.

    If I had a wish, it'd have been for John Sykes to be in the house somewhere on this album.

  • Although it doesn't break any new ground, it does sound a lot like
    1987 revisited, but if you like that type of music then "Good To Be Bad" isn't such a "bad' thing, once again it all boils down to personal tastes, and how you will perceive the "Snakes" in 2008.
    Looking forward to their tour of Australia around the end of March. You can listen to the whole album at this great site
    "Melodic Rock".

  • I have all of David's albums and I appreciate something about all of them. I must say that "Good To Be Bad" shares some similarities with "1987".......yet it's head & shoulders above "1987". It's good enough to enter Billboard at #1 but surely will miss that mark....too bad.....I think it's that good. I've been playing this cd non-stop since I got it. I encourage you to pick up a copy or two....I will be! Now we just need some U.S. tour dates....Hey Glenn...can you say double bill?! :eek:

  • Musicnracin is spot on - to these ears it is an absolute stormer. Much better than 1987. Modern, crisp, fresh, an assault on the ears, with above everything else a number of top notch songs. Great guitar, Cov sounding great & songs to rank with the best WS have ever produced. The title track, Lay Down Your Love, the first song - absolute premium quality.

    I think it does break ground in parts- for latter day Whitesnake. True - Cov has not changed his approach to songwriting but it walks all over the 4 songs they did last year, and to me its the best album he's done since Slide it In.

    I like the older stuff but if they'd produced something as underproduced as that in 2008, then lord help us. Its like expecting Glenn to have Hughes / Thrall II exactly like the I - with the cheesy 1982 synth as backing. With this album the songs shine through.

    Oh and It doesnt need John Sykes - its far better than that!

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