Instant live CDs - would you buy?

  • Would you buy an instant live cd of a Glenn Hughes show? 31

    1. no, no interest (0) 0%
    2. yes, but only if I was at the show (4) 13%
    3. yes, regardless of whether i was at the show or not (13) 42%
    4. yes, as many as I could get my hands on! (12) 39%
    5. maybe - depends on the price (2) 6%

    Would you buy an instant live cd of a glenn Hughes performance?

  • I voted Yes, but only if I was at the show. I wouldn't be interested in a recording of every tour date, but would buy CDs from shows where there were variations in the set list.

  • Absolutley! But selling Instant live is easier said than done. To get, lets say, 50 to 100 cd's ready after the show it quite an operation. On the other hand. Not to long ago I was at a show where amoung others U.D.O. played. I checked their merch stand after the show and you could buy the evening's show for Euro 30 on a USB stick :) Very smart.

    Another option would be if you could sign in for a live performace. Pay for it and receive it 2 weeks later in the mail :thumbup:

    Glenn are you reading this?? :D

  • I agree with Weissheim. I wouldn't purchase every show, but I would want shows with variation in setlist and maybe individual shows that got rave reviews for performance. And, of course, any show I was the one two days from now!!! :D

  • I'm with Weissheim & Jon L here: I'd buy more than one if there was interesting variation in the set list. As for the price, 30€ sounds a bit too much for me! Of course if the USB stick was fairly good... But generally, I would expect these recordings to cost less than a studio cd.

    A couple of months ago I heard the Metropolitan Opera is broadcasting its shows all over the world. In this case, it was in a little swedish town called Haparanda. You can go to a theatre there and see the show live, with HD video and surround sound. Tickets were around 20€. This being opera, the live feed also features subtitles. Maybe this will be something common in the near future also with touring bands, with the technology involved getting better by the hour. Would be cool to be able to follow an artist through a world tour. A poor man's Living Room Tour, perhaps...

  • i've already said that i would burn up my credit card buying copys of shows, but i want to say it again here, incase Glenn missed the other thread where we were talking about it. i voted for "everyone i coulod get my hands on". i think that if this became a reality , it would be a very good motivational tool for Glenn to make sure that he mixed it up some w/ the set list, this way insuring that some wonderful songs would hopefully never collect too much dust. as much as i loved the new york show last year, the set list went fron purple to soul mover, skipping everything in between;addiction,feel,ROCK,songs in the key of,fused,7th star,blues,building the machine,hughes thrall,ect. . i made a post on here one time saying that i'd love to see a set that represented one song from each record(as much as possible). i also think that as hard-core fans, we should be able to set up a poll on this site,and everytime that Glenn plays a show in our country,or one that we plan on attending, we should be able to vote for what songs we most wanna hear and at least have him play the top two of three vote getters. i'd like to see that happen. and my vote for the detroit show (although i know it's late in the game ) is..."Down" from addiction.

    :singer: :guitarist :drummer: :guitarmet


  • I'd buy one of a show I was at, or if there was a particular song from another gig that i really wanted, but i'd probably stick to ones i went to or really wanted to be at!

  • i've bought Pixies shows online (for shows i didnt attend) ... but i dont think i've been to a show in person where they did this.

    but it's a great idea i wonder how much it costs for the setup? i mean how many cds would they need to sell to make it worthwhile?

    The Fixx did this after some of their shows - in a USB stick. I bought one for the show I was at. I really loved the idea of hearing the show I had just attended.

    the USB stick is a great idea ... it would probably be faster than burning 500 CD's.

  • i'm going backwards looking at some stuff on, first of all, what about the freak flag flying ? any new word on this ever becoming available to you run of the mill, slightly more than average g.h. fan . also, as the new tour is ,i guees, oficially kicking of today, what about the instant live c.d., or a dvd of the new tour for us here at GHCP and beyond ? the time is right, the time is now. where do i send my money ?

  • The live cd sounds like a good idea. Speaking of the tour kicking off today,Bart, has anyone heard from any fellow GHCP on the results of the Boathouse show. I think I'm gonna lose some sleep tonight. How bout it on the east side of the pond.:sint3:

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