liverpool academy/the robin 2

  • ok it looks like i will need to get on the trail again to see glenn when he comes to the uk as i dont think he will be coming to scotland :(

    so my question is quite straight forward what gig is the nearest to travel to from glasgow and the easiest to find (no sat-nav !!!!)


  • Musicman,
    The Liverpool GIG is literally 10 mins walk from Liverpool Lime street.

    I believe you can get a train direct from Glasgow, in fact think i did that once to get back to Liverpool for a purple gig in '96!

    Just mail me if you need anymore info.

    Not sure about Wolverhampton, but think you would at least need the friday off work to go to that one, see you there !


  • if you are driving then The Robin is pretty straightforward.

    come down the M6 to Walsall J10.
    get on the Black Country Route(A454) to Wolverhampton at that junction and follow it to Bilston.

    easy to find.

    are you coming down with Cameronip?
    didnt i meet you with him the last couple of times at Jbs?

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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