• ...and i'll be one of the best lookin' :)
    well... maybe not, but at least i'll be in the line! i wont be getting into mount clemens until about 4:00. i guees i'll get settled at the hotel, Quality Inn, and then get ready to head over to the show. i wonder what time any of yall will start getting there? look foward to seeing you all there though. i know it's gonna be FUNKy
    :guitarist :singer: :drummer: :guitarmet :cheers:

  • I'll be there, though the rescheduling may have changed who I am going with. One guy is still in, and another has been added. But two of my friends are now unsure, so it will be me and between 2 and 4 other people.

  • Looks like all the original people that were supposed to go with me are now able to go to the show, plus we added one more, so we have a total of five going now.

    On the downside, the extended forecast looks like crappy weather that day - snow or freezing rain during the day, and temperatures in the mid-20's that night. Which is too bad, since it was a relatively good day on the original date (upper 30's and a rare February sunny day).

  • This is the first week of one of the biggest road projects in the city's history, so it's been pretty bad in the mornings so far. The section of I-94, which is being used as the main detour to avoid the I-75 construction, has been stop and go or really slow between Southfield Rd. and the Lodge Freeway (M-10). But it shouldn't be too bad north/east of there. I haven't driven that route in the afternoon, though, but I don't think it will be quite as bad as the mornings (traffic heading into the city is generally worse in the mornings; leaving is worse in the afternoon) .

    So, if you are going that route, expect a delay but hopefully nothing too bad - it's taken me an extra 20-25 minutes or so to get to work going that way, but that is considering morning traffic, plus snow on two of the days. If you estimate 30-45 minutes extra to your travel time, you should be covered - if you are coming in from south of the city or from Metro Airport, you will be going through that section of I-94.

  • We, who are NOT going to Detroit, expect your reports and pictures from the show!! :bouncer: :bouncer:
    I hope that Glenn has fully recovered from the flu and will be in top shape on Tuesday night!! :) :clapper:

  • The latest weather forecast for Tuesday in Detroit looks awful - temperatures in the upper 20's with snow and freezing rain all day and night. As an additional warning, the constant freezing and thawing we have had this winter has really taken its toll on the roads, especially over the past month - the potholes are as bad as I have ever seen around here and won't be fixed until spring. So, everyone be very careful driving and give yourselves plenty of time to get to Mt. Clemens.

  • thanks jon,
    it's a good thing i bought that insurance on the rental car. as jerry sienfeld said.'Yeah you better give me that insurance, 'cause i'm gonna beat the shit out of that car" :) being a good ol' southern boy who's never even drivin in the snow, i think you all better watch out for me. i'll try not to hit you though. at least the hotel is in walking distance of the theatre.maybe we'll do better just using our feet to get there :)

  • purplemusic, what time is your flight coming in? Hopefully your flight doesn't have any delays.

    Aside from the weather and construction traffic, the drive from Metro Airport should be pretty straight-forward - I think you just take I-94 all the way from the airport to Mt. Clemens. Make sure you pay attention to what exit you need to get off on for Mt. Clemens, though - the last time I went there, we somehow missed the exit and backtracking was a bit of a pain in the ass. I wish I remembered how we missed the exit so I won't do it again!

    The doors of the Emerald open at 7 PM and there is supposed to be an opening act. We're getting a later start than I had hoped because my friend is working late and we probably won't get to Mt. Clemens until close to 8 PM, so we'll go straight to the theater.

  • Crazy weather: the latest forecast says temperatures in the 50's on Monday, then snow and cold on Tuesday, and then back in the 40's and sunny on Wednesday. Glenn picked the wrong day to come to Detroit! At least snow is better than freezing rain...

  • my flight gets into detroit @ about 2:30 , then we get the rental car and head to mnt. clemens where we'll check in @ the quality inn. if the doors open @ 7:00, we'll be there by then. i wonder if we should be there any earlier? does anybody know? @ bb kings in new york, we got there @ about 3:00 and got a # wich allowed us first choice seating , which is how i got the table directly in front of Glenn(close enough for him to hand me a pick). of course, i'll be trying for a simular seating arangement , so if it will help to get there earlier, i sure would wanna try once again, snybody got any info. on this? is there usually a line for the show? i would think only hard-cores will be there @ 7:00.. But i wanna make sure that i "GET UP AND GET IN LINE", cause as you all know, "IT'S GETTIN' TIGHTER ALL THE TIME" .

    oh there's excitement in the air :bouncer: :clapper: :bow:

  • You should have plenty of time to get up to Mt. Clemens, check in, and grab dinner before the show. As far as seating goes, the area in front of the stage is open - no tables.

  • I wish i was going! instead i'm at work, doing statistics that are really my boss's job, but thats life! Hope everyone who is going tonight has a great time, and i look forward to seeing the pictures! Helena, xx

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