• Here are a handful from the filming yesterday...they'll be a bunch more to follow soon-ish!

    GLENN jammin'


    George Nastos and Ed Roth

    Chad Smith

    GLENN and the Band

    GABI with the medicinals

    Chad and GLENN during one of the breaks

    GLENN in awe of JJ's playing

    A small glimpse of the crowd...featuring Rick, Jacob, Ann and Christian amongst others!

    GLENN after the filming

    Post show - at a local watering hole

    George can sing too

    George, Seamus and Danny Dugan

  • Great pics!!!! Thanx so much!!! Really wish i could have been there :/ maybe next time i will get picked. Looks like all the diehards that post were picked. Im a diehard myself have been for over 20 years only I dont post as im not one for many words. At first i was disapointed that i wasnt even considerded, being ive been registered on BOTH boards from the begining. But after i saw the list i saw it was mostly the people that contribute posting regularly weather they have been around from the start or not. Ive tried to mingle with the rest of the GHCP BUT like ive said im not one for letters or long e-mails and ive tried the monthly chat only to go to a room to hear discussion on past events that took place a long time ago. A perfect analogy would be a new kid in town in a new school and all his new friends keep talking about past school memories. Anyway just wanted the rest of the GHCP to know i exist and i am every much a diehard as you guys. So now ill go back to checking both boards at least 2x a day and keep my mouth shut!!! :)


  • Hi Vinnis,

    Don't keep your mouth shut!! Check the boards as often as you like, and post whatever you feel like posting - whether it's a college thesis on GH or a simple "Addiction kicks ass, don't you think?!"

    There were a lot of regular posters at the gig, but those who so often check the board are apparently also the ones who responded quickest to the offer. Please don't feel snubbed. We value our community of GHCP's, and you're definitely part of that.

    Glenn is considering Bolin Fest again - if he does the show, you owe it to yourself to join us in the Mid West for some dynamite times! Who knows, maybe you could make the tentative April show here in Vegas?

    Whatever the case, I know I'm not alone in hoping that I can soon add you to the list of people I have met face to face at one of Glenn's gigs.


  • Hi Vinnis,

    This board is just us GH Crazy People.
    Since you are a very GHCP, I look foward
    to reading lots of posts from you.

    Take care, my friend,


  • Hi Vinnis, we're sorry you weren't able to attend. Seating was so limited, which is why we had to make it as fair as possible and so... a first come, first serve basis. We had close to 500 requests in just a matter of minutes....so yes...it was harsh on folks such as yourself, but it was the only way to make it fair.

    If there's ever another event like this, hopefully it'll be done in a venue that can hold more.

    If Glenn had his way, he'd have all his fans there, but unfortunately, that will never be possible.

    The good news, as Todd points out...is that Glenn is in the process of lining up some other USA dates for this year, so hopefully you'll be able to make one or more of those, once they're officially confirmed.

    Again, we greatly appreciate your participation here and as always, we'll have the latest news for you when it comes in

  • Thanx for your response David but i could go into detail and show you my emails that i did respond in time. As soon as the CTC email went out i sent my email. Also Grace is the only GHCP person that i talk to regularly and as far as our convos went she didnt even put a request to go because she already nu she couldnt make it with conflicting scheds with the holidays. So out of the goodness of her own heart she had asked you if I could take her place and your responce was it was if she couldnt make it then it would be for the PRESS. THATS what disappointed me the most :/ Anyway its a done deal and i missed my Idol preform. I dont think this is the place to discuss this and actually shouldnt even be here at all but i just HAD to get that off my chest. I guess sitting through Spider Rockets at birch hill so i could stand right in front of glenn when he came out is the closest ill ever get to see him :/ Also im prob the ONLY one in NY w a GHPG.NET bumper sticker on my truck. and all my varoius pics and album covers in my Rock n Roll livingroom. Anyway im rambling and dont expect a reply as this is NOT the place for this and ill leave it at that. Just kills me that i missed that once in a lifetime chance :/


  • Hi all,

    It was "GREAT" to see all of you in LA last weekend! I miss you guys I'm glad everyone had a GREAT time!

    Talk about up close and personal could I have got any closer to JJ :P

    I had a hell of a time getting home on Monday I lost my cell on the plane and to make matters worse we almost ended up in RENO because of the FOG!


    SouthWest Airlines just called this morning and they have my phone in the "Lost & Found". It was picked up at the Security check-in area at Burbank Airport...I should have back early next week!!


  • That's Southwest Airlines for ya - pulling through in a pinch!


    (Disclaimer: This endorsement is in no way influenced by, or reflective of, my own personal affiliation with Southwest Airlines. Promise :) )

  • No ! Those can't be pictures from the DVD shoot. It looks like the back room of a tatty English pub with that wallpaper ! There are dives like that in Glenns home town of Cannock (I know, I've played in a few) so there was no need to go all the way to the US. Was this an extension of the "70's feel" he spoke of when recording SITKOR? I'll go back to wearing jumpers my mother knitted for me then, shall I?
    And don't tell me its all about the music because then it would just be a live CD instead.
    I expected a classy production so people could start to take the great man seriously. Note - classy, I'm not asking for multiple camera angles, filming on yachts, or half naked women but I wasn't expecting the set to look like the smokey back room of the pub where we held the wake for my Grandad's funeral in 1976!

  • I would like to add a few thoughts to this thread. I was there that night and have been around enough photo sessions for print ads..The lighting may have seemed harsh and certainly HOT to those of us in the room..but the ambience that the viewer will see will be totally different! There were numerous candles lit to create an atmosphere and the fact that we were sitting close together (and unbelievably close to the performers!) only add to the cozy atmosphere that the crew was seeking. Sitting in the doorway between the studio and the sitting room I was reminded of a video I have called "Best Of Free". Many of the clips were from various European TV shows that had a studio audience seated on the floor in fronmt of and around the band..the performers almost within touch of the audience. Also, the still pictures that have appeared on the various web sites were taken during the numerous breaks in filming and recording..the lights used for filming were turned off to cool them off presumably. And the sound mix we heard was nothing like you will experience when you experience Glenn Hughes live!! All from the comfort of your easy chair!!

    You will really feel like you were there!!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill Redford

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford



    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I agree with what you said Bill. I am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out, I fully expect it to be classy looking. There were a bunch of cameras filming from many different angles through the whole show. The whole setting was very personal and intimate, not ratty and old. The feeling during filming was definitly magical.


  • Us GHCPs seriously appreciate the fact that, due to ghpg.net, http://www.glennhughes.com and glennhughesitalia.com we are indeed privileged to share so much of Glenn's life at such close proximity, and to be able to view pictures or listen to radio interviews only hours after they have been performed is a work of art in itself. I never take for granted what I can access on the sites, and the fact that Glenn has FINALLY been in a position to shoot for the DVD and some GHCPs to be fortunate enough to share the experience, makes me one goddamned happy GHCP.

    I do hear where you're coming from steve28 but your comments do seem a bit premature. As Shirean says, wait until you have it in front of you on your television screen and stereo before making any real judgement. If it really does come across as you perceive it, then I take my hat off to you, although I doubt very much if we will be viewing anything but pure genius, once we are fortunate enough to have a copy of it.

    And the title - should it not be 'The Voice - Up Close and Personal?'

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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