Glenn reaches out to fans

  • I got a call from Glenn Hughes late yesturday. (If I had nothing more to say except that, I'm sure most of you would agree that would be a story worth telling all by itself!) But there is more to the story than that. Some of you may have read my post when I was lamenting about my daughter and I having to cancel our trip and lose alot of money when Glenn got sick and had to re-schedule the Detroit show. Well I want you all to know that Glenn does keep up with this site and read the post that we make.(I thought that he might read mine, because when i made the post, I noticed that "Glenn Hughes" was listed in the "members currently logged on" list.) This in itself is pretty cool. that's happened to me a couple of times. Glenn may still be listed as a "trainee" on the site :) but he does log on and read.

    Anyway, so i'm at work at "purple music" , which is named after my love for all things Deep Purple, my cell phone rings and i hear " Hey Bart, this is Glenn...." well i don't have to tell anybody on this site how cool that is to have "Big Daddy" on the other end of the phone line :thumbup: Glenn had read my post and had gotten my phone # from the powers that be on this site. He was as humble and apologetic as he could be to me for the troubles and money that his illness had caused me. Of course, I told him that i totally understood that being ill is beyond his or anyones control, and i hoped that he gets well soon and gets back to doing what I know that he loves so much; playing live for his fans. Glenn told me how much he hated to cancell any gig, and in particular a gig in the U.S. . This is not to say that he would like to cancel gigs elsewhere in the world, but as any fan of Glenn knows, he has always been so popular all around the world, but the states have always been less eager, aparently to open their arms to "Big Daddy" and his funky message of hope and love. For anyone who was lucky enough to see the new york show last year,( i assume the same was true in L.A.) you would have thought by Glenn's reaction to the turn out and crowd responce, that he must have thought he was going to have to pay an audience to come and see him here in the states. But we proved him wrong and we welcomed him with arms wide open and we gave the love right back to him. Glenn told me that he considers America his "crown jewel" and how much it bothered him to postpone the show and dissapoint his fans. He specifically asked me to post here and tell his fans that he was reaching out to them so that we all would know how much he loves us , appriciates us and so much wants to come and play for us.

    I have to say that I was so touched by Glenn's attempt to reach out to me and his desire for me to convey to all of you how much we all mean to him, that I am newly inspired, and although I cannot still afford to bring my daughter with me to Detroit next week, I have decided to make another attempt to come by myself. I just think that there are some things in life that you cannot afford to do, and then there are some things in life that you cannot afford NOT to do. With the way that Glenn showed his love to me (and through that, to all of you), I am inspired to break out the ol' credit card and just make it happen. If I can pull it off, I think that I'm gonna somehow get some kind of material and make a blank flag and write the word "freak" on it. I want Glenn to know that if I can make it to Detroit, that I will have my "freak flag" flying again. If this idea is of any interest to any of you who are going to be at the show, feel free to make your own "freak flag" and let's let Glenn know that we love and support him. Well, now it's off to the "orbits" site to see if I can somehow re-book my trip. I'll deal w/ the airline and their ticket fiasco later. As a footnote, to buy a new plane ticket from Charleston to Detroit and back cost a little more than 300 dollars. With the credit that they (northwest airline) were going to give me for my unused ticket, my newly re-booked ticket with them to Detroit and back would have been a little more than 300 dollars. It seems to me that there is something wrong w/ that picture, but I'll just let that be a fight for another day. I bought those tickets so that my daughter and I could fly and see Glenn play. I think I'll just wait and see if he actually can book some more dates in the states for the upcomming year and use those tickets for what they were originally planed for take my daughter on a father/daughter bonding trip to see the "big daddy" of all big daddys....the most talented and classy; the "voice of rock" himself, Mr. Glenn Hughes!!

    :) :D :cool: :bow: :thumbup: :clapper: :claphands :ghcp: :cool1: :yes: :thanx: :cheers:

  • I know of only one musician planet-wide who would have made that call to you, Bart. Sure, there are some great human beings within (and without) the music industry but the vast majority of people don't see outside their own little world. Your problem doesn't affect them, so you can go solve it yourself.

    In his communications with us, Glenn talks a lot about higher powers, reaching out, give more of himself each day. He means it, man!

    I really hope you can work it all out and get to the gig with your daughter and fly your freak flag. If circumstamces don't allow, be patient, have faith and let the universe unfold as it is intended. I know it'll work out another way.

    best regards to you, Bart



  • That was very cool Mr. Hughes. That is a side many of us here have seen before, but this was just outstanding.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Purplemusic - the telephone call alone is worth its weight in gold. If you're able to sort out the next gig on your credit card, then you should DEFINITELY take your daughter. She will be a lifelong GH fan once she sees him live :cool:

    You're not there yet, but I can feel what you'll feel when he walks on that stage and sings those first few notes :eek: :bow:

    Thanks for sharing. I think I would have too, if he rang me :D

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Totally agree with all of the above comments.As I have said before in my posts,Glenn comes across as a true gentleman and very down to earth :thumbup:

    Now.I have a family of 26 people(all of which will have to travel thousands of miles) who will all have a slight cold during the UK dates this year and I was wondering if Mr.Hughes could drop in for a barbeque,sign a couple of blank cheques and play a gig in my living(tour)room :) :) :) :) :) :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • my friends today i had the honor of recieving a call from glenn-(i must have just missed him but he left a message on the machine) i just came back from mailing my tickets back reliving the whole bleak weekend in my mind :( when my wife ( who is now sick herself) told me that mr hughes -the greatest musician on the planet-had called me-THANK YOU SIR -ALL THE DISAPOINTMENT I FELT HAS VANISHED -I TRUELY FEEL HONORED THAT YOU TOOK THE TIME TO CALL ME - I AM ALWAYS GONNA BE A FAN OF YOURS- FOREVER!!!- TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND GET WELL- im not a rich man but somehow someway ill catch up with you another day -my dream to see you perform is strengthened -THANK YOU SIR AND GOD BLESS YOU -ILL NEVER FORGET YOUR KINDNESS TO ME THIS DAY

  • I once received a phone call from a Japanese actress whom I had liked a lot. I still remember that my legs were shakin'

    When I had a chance to meet Mr. Hughes, he knew who I was and he remembered my name in full.

    I shaked my whole body and slipped off from the seat.

    Amazing talent and super warm heart he has :bow:

  • today i had the honor of recieving a call from glenn-
    (i must have just missed him but he left a message on the machine)

    purplemusic and tony g,

    We're impressed by the phone calls, but not surprised.
    That's just the kind of man that "our boy" is.

    So when can we GHCPs buy the bootleg
    "Glenn Hughes ~ 2008 ~ answering machine message?"
    Betcha' it sounds as good as "Ken, are you home?" :lol:

    ..........and how long did it take you two to realize that it REALLY was Glenn? :eek:


  • announcing imediatly for bid... the (un)official Glenn Hughes answering machine message tour.... featuring such hits as;
    1)"hey bart, this is Glenn"
    2)"Sorry i got sick"
    3)" man the flu sucks"

    this (un)official release also includes the soon to be extremly large international hit
    4)"sorry that i missed you"
    ....and for the first 100 people who order, the never before heard B-side..
    5)" I'll try you on your cell"

    these recordings are sure to be a hit and supplys are limited and going fast, so act now.

    and since i'm such an entrepaneur, and i'm sure that Glenn would not mind being exploited, i want to announce the upcomming series from our catologue,(since i did save Glenns # in my phone) called messages that i've left on Glenn Hughes' machine. this will be a never ending list of obnoxios messages that i will continouslly leave on his machine. and finally, comming next year, look for my short story entitled " i made Glenn Hughes change his phone #"
    remember to get those orders in quick, as supplys are never ending, and sales are sure to be slow.
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

  • Damn, that is SO funny! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    OK, put me down for a couple of these rare GH recordings!
    I'll do my Christmas shopping early.


    Message to Glenn: See what happens to us Crazy People,
    when we don't have a US Tour to write about? :)


  • I have to agree with Grace....very funny!! :lol:

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