• I read this interesting message 2day about Scotish shows. A coupla yrs ago, my manager approached DP and Whitesnake about my opening 4 them, and the answer was No.

    I had no hard feelins' and have a great relationship with members of DP and our David....Zoom to the present, now that I am really pushin' my new songs, it no longer appeals to me to play all classics, opening up 4 bands that continually tour on the same set list, year in year out....I get so so much fulfillment by playing multiple songs from my new albums....it allows me to grow. And with F U N K about to be released soon, I can't wait to play these songs live...what a rush it will be. What is quite strange, and has my Manager and myself scratchin' our heads, is that I sell way more records in the UK than the turnout when I play live.

    If I had my way, I would do 15-20 shows in my place of origin......maybe one day...but I will never do anything to jeopardise my artistic freedom.....havin' dipped my toes into the American Market last year, the water was welcoming, with sold out shows, with spine tingling receptions.....and you know what? Everything will, and is exactly the way it's supposed 2 be....with a European tour beckoning, and shows lined up in Australia! And New Zealand, + South America and a Far East Tour (my first outside of Japan) all on the horizon, and of course, more shows in the Land of the free, where it all started for me in Los Angeles in December 1970.

    There are more fans ever year attendin' UK shows....newer fans, wantin' 2 hear 5olo material.....and the Headline slot @ Rock and Blues in July will raise the profile considerably....although I haven't lived in the UK since '73, I wanna, and will achieve my goal.

    It is so gratifying to Headline Festivals and shows around the world playin' up to 25,000 fans a night, and I see great things startin' to happen for me in the UK.

    As I write 2 you, I'm in bed recovering with a strain of the flu that has completely kicked my ass!

    So, to everyone out there who will attend my shows this year, I promise you this, I am finally feelin' comfortabe in my own skin, realizin' who I am, and what God has planned 4 me....and that, like a flower, is 2 continually grow along spiritual lines....and to Give, a little more each time.

    Now, all I want is to shake this Fever......


  • Many thanks for the reply Papa.

    You will always feel pressure to play Purple Mk3 stuff as (a) no one else palys is; (b) no else plays it as good as you (sorry to say that DC's voice has seen better days live).

    I hope you are able to play from your vast back catelogue, including solo/ Hughes Thrall and leave the Mistreared/ Burn to the encores.

    I hope you feel better soon! :thumbup:

  • If somebody that I used to play with was the all star attraction and still hitting stratospheric notes on stage that I can't hit, and I knew he would blow me off the stage (which he already did at our reunion gig in December 2000) then I wouldn't let him open for me either. You go GH!!!!!!!!!


  • OK, let's talk wishlists... A purple line-up with Paicey on the tubs, Mr (that's MISTER) Lord on the keys and that beautiful battered old Hammond, the inimitable Mr Blackmore, and Mr Hughes. Now, if Mr Coverdale would be happy to get involved, so much the better, but for me it'd have to be on a 'vocals shared' basis, because there are times when I think that Purple didn't need Mr Coverdale when Mr Hughes was around. Yeah, yeah I know, Glenn was much younger then and maybe his awesome set of pipes maybe hadn't quite developed into what they've become in the last 14 years or so, and maybe David did have that bluesier edge that Purple needed, BUT... that was then man and, hell, this is my wishlist!! SO, where are we going here? There are many, many of us Glenn that will have Purple Mark whatever wishlists but, when it comes down to it, seeing, watching, listening to you being comfortable in your own musical skin is just something else. Hell, I'd cry for weeks if I saw you live and you didn't do 'Burn' (that's just my favourite song of all time) but, BUT, to know that every time we see you it'll be something new, fresh, something that your heart and souls is 'all in'?? Priceless...
    Anyway, DC had spots when he first joined Purple ha ha... but what that's got to do with anything I have NO idea!!
    Later dude...
    Big Al

    Keep the faith, 'cos that's the way it is...

  • Wow. That's really Glenn Hughes, posting on a message board? That is freakin awesome. I could write so much, and I wish I could write some really profound stuff.

    Don't worry about playing or not playing the classics. I haven't seen you live yet, but even if someone came to the show, and was unfamiliar with the new material, they would still get off on it because of the things you do with your voice, and the songwriting.

    I think America is going to be a bigger market for you the more you tour. I became a Glenn Hughes fan around one year ago, but I feel like I have been a fan forever. I already own a lot of your albums, and I am working my way through them, one at a time.

    The point is, I didn't hear your music until last year, and now, I am a huge fan. If people can hear you and see you, they will become fans also. The key is exposure.

    And the best thing is, once someone becomes a fan, then they are lucky because you are productive and keep putting fresh albums out there. We don't have to wait around for years for a new album.

  • Looking forward to your return to Australia mate!
    I just heard Love Communion last night on your myspace page and I connected with it immediately!!
    Thank you for sharing it so soon.

    On the subject of playing the old classic stuff:
    Personally, I felt that the Basement gig could have done without the old Moody Blues and Procol Harum songs.
    Not that they're bad versions or anything - far from it in fact.
    It's just that I feel when I go and see you perform live, I expect to hear your material played by you and your band.
    Obviously, people are going to expect Burn and Mistreated at every show, but personally, I feel your current material is far stronger and I would like to see you concentrate on Glenn Hughes in the present, rather than in the past .

    What are the chances of ever playing Secret Life live in Sydney?

  • Looking forward to your return to Australia mate!

    With ya there Mike!!! :thumbup:

    Am a lil worried based on the NZ date though that I may miss out, as we'll be on holidays for half of July. Fingers crossed we'll be ok!!

    (Any news yet?)

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