RESCHEDULED DATE - March 4th in Detroit 24th

  • yes tomorrow is always another day-you guys that have been on here know that ive been dying to see glenn for years so naturally im going to be deeply disappointed when im finally almost in the promised land -remember despair is one of the devils main tools and sometimes its hard to fight off

  • We are in Detroit and just discovered the news...We did not have time to check our mails before. Ok, we are terribly disapointed but that's life...Of course we will not be able to make it for the 4th of march. We will try to go to the London charity gig instead. We are all very sad but that's nobody's fault.

    We wish you a speedy recovery, Glenn. Take good care of yourself.

    All the best from sunny Detroit.
    Nath Jerome & Salome

  • Folks, I know it's cold comfort (no pun intended) but when Glenn was at JBs in England last year, he was so worried about meeting the fans backstage and catching a cough or cold, he was ultra careful about who got to shake hands with him. His voice is his living and I know he must be as ticked off as you guys about having to cancel shows.

  • packing for the one day trip to detroit now. my freak flag is flying and i'll be displaying it all the way from charleston to mount clemens.( as if i really need a flag to qualify as a freak, but still, i'll fly it w/ pride).

    :singer: :guitarist :drummer: :guitarmet oh i'm "FEEL"ing "FUNK"y and "THAT"S THE WAY IT IS"

  • Have a blast everyone and please, please, bring back pictures, vids, sound, whatever you want so that I can see & hear what I've missed :sint3: :sint3:

    And of course, give a kiss to THE voice and to THE drummer from me :cool:

    Take care guys


  • MAYBE........
    there was an unexpected blizzard in Detroit,
    nobody was able to leave the club,
    and to keep warm, Glenn is still singing,
    with the audience doing "the back up singers" honors,
    so the show is still going on?


    This is the only acceptable excuse possible.
    Otherwise, where's the report and pictures?

    :mad: :axe:

    (OK, Shirean......your answer just made it under the wire!) ;)

  • Be patient everyone. I just spoke to David he got plenty of footage from the soundcheck and gig last night.

    Come back late tonight for the update.


    Shirean, even if I have to stay up all night, I'll be waiting :)

    Thanks to Jon & Brad for your first impressions.
    You had "Coast to coast" lucky boys...I'm sincerely happy for you. I can feel the emotion in your reviews.
    Can't wait for the pics & vids.

  • I was only "busting chops" about there being a blizzard,
    so that this GH performance could become an all-day affair.

    If you really had treacherous road conditions to drive through,
    I hope that everyone got to the show there safely,
    and then got back to wherever you had to be, just as safely.

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