Possibly more dates on the F.U.N.K tour

  • Hi David
    Do you think there's a real likelihood of more UK dates?
    I'm based in Scotland, but would travel to Liverpool if need be as Papa is so good live. Can't wait for the new record!!!

  • They'll most likely be a couple more, but nothing in Scotland. In addition, they'll probably be a few other one-off's in the UK; like festivals, charity and special guest events. But not a 2 or 3 week tour.

    Having said that, it's going to be another busy year, with dates in regions of the world he hasn't visited before or not been to in many, many years.

    Hope to have the first of those up here shortly :cool:

  • Well, no surprise at no Scottish gigs.......sorry to bang on about it, but WHY no dates up here?

    Yet again Papa misses us out! Do we smell, drink too much, all of the above?

    Not a happy chappy!!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :( :( :(

  • Thanks for the reply David.

    Looks like I am cursed................I live in Scotland and don't get to see him when Papa tours.............I move to England and he does n't tour.....................I move to Scotland again, he doesn't play up here!!

    Shame on those weak promoters!!!!!

    Might just go camping instead! :thumbup:

  • I am afraid that we are not going to get a proper full tour of the UK anytime soon, as promoters do not seem interested in supporting and underwriting a full tour of the UK by Glenn.

    The last time Glenn toured properly was the Soulmover tour roughly four years ago and then it was only small Rock clubs. The sad fact of lifein the UK, is that on his own Glenn simply cannot generate a big enough crowd to earn enough profit for promoters. So i can understand why Glenn is spending much more time on mainland Europe as his talent is appreciated there and he is able to earn a decent income.

    The way forward must be for Glenn to do a proper tour with Chad, as this would attract a lot of publicity and draw in RHCP fans, however, Chad is obviously a very busy man and i suppose this would be hard to schedule.

    Alternatively, he would have to be part of a larger package of acts and thus get less stage time but more exposure.
    It would be great to see him support Deep Purple or Whitesnake and get access to a larger audience, i fail to see why this cannot be done as Glenn seems to be on good terms with his old band mates. Last year when i saw Deep Purple they were supported by Styz and a bunch of Whitesnake journey men pretending to be Thin Lizzy. I am sure that most people in the audience would have much prefered to see an hour of Glenn.

    It really a sad reflection of the state of the British music industry that real talent like Glenn struggles to get any exposure but the dross i saw at the Brit awards like the Kaiser Chiefs, Mika etc get vast media coverage.

    Oh well i am looking forward to Liverpool in June and hopefully the outdoor in Derbyshire. A little Glenn is still better than nothing.

  • Agree with everything you say Iain, although don't hold your breathe for a support slot with Purple or the Snakes! Not for the reasons you might assume, but rather, that's exactly the type of thing Glenn is trying to steer away from, he doesn't really want to play the past hits every night, as ea$y as that might be.

    Bear in mind, the last couple of UK tours were heavily self-financed, in order to reach as many people as possible, but cut that out and to rely solely on others alone, you get what we have so far. So he's definitely not going to play for a sold-out crowd of 100 people on a Monday night in Solihull or 20 other fine towns just like it! It's the same story over here, but when FUNK hits the streets, that will hopefully change it for both sides of the pond :)

  • I read this interesting message 2day about Scotish shows. A coupla yrs ago, my manager approached DP and Whitesnake about my opening 4 them, and the answer was No.

    I had no hard feelins' and have a great relationship with members of DP and our David....Zoom to the present, now that I am really pushin' my new songs, it no longer appeals to me to play all classics, opening up 4 bands that continually tour on the same set list, year in year out....I get so so much fulfillment by playing multiple songs from my new albums....it allows me to grow. And with F U N K about to be released soon, I can't wait to play these songs live...what a rush it will be. What is quite strange, and has my Manager and myself scratchin' our heads, is that I sell way more records in the UK than the turnout when I play live.

    If I had my way, I would do 15-20 shows in my place of origin......maybe one day...but I will never do anything to jeopardise my artistic freedom.....havin' dipped my toes into the American Market last year, the water was welcoming, with sold out shows, with spine tingling receptions.....and you know what? Everything will, and is exactly the way it's supposed 2 be....with a European tour beckoning, and shows lined up in Australia! And New Zealand, + South America and a Far East Tour (my first outside of Japan) all on the horizon, and of course, more shows in the Land of the free, where it all started for me in Los Angeles in December 1970.

    There are more fans ever year attendin' UK shows....newer fans, wantin' 2 hear 5olo material.....and the Headline slot @ Rock and Blues in July will raise the profile considerably....although I haven't lived in the UK since '73, I wanna, and will achieve my goal.

    It is so gratifying to Headline Festivals and shows around the world playin' up to 25,000 fans a night, and I see great things startin' to happen for me in the UK.

    As I write 2 you, I'm in bed recovering with a strain of the flu that has completely kicked my ass!

    So, to everyone out there who will attend my shows this year, I promise you this, I am finally feelin' comfortabe in my own skin, realizin' who I am, and what God has planned 4 me....and that, like a flower, is 2 continually grow along spiritual lines....and to Give, a little more each time.

    Now, all I want is to shake this Fever......


  • Thanks so much for this reply, OH "GHCP ~ trainee" Hughes. :lol:

    We can't ask for more accurate posts, than information directly from you.

    Take good care of yourself.
    Perhaps some nice hot chocolate, in a cheerful coffee mug? :)

    And remember:

    #1. The New York City fans (who don't normally scream for anybody)
    were screaming so much after each one of your songs, that you had
    to stop the show for a minute, to "catch your breath." Heh, heh, heh.

    #2. BB King's (The Packed Sardines Tour) was.....way too small.


  • Hi Glenn,
    Take good care of yourselfand hope that you are better soon, however, at least you are not in the wet, damp and rain of Lancashire UK, so it could be worse!

    Its great to hear you so positive about the next year and i am looking forward to the new album and seeing you in the UK this summer.

    In the previous post i was thinking out loud about possible ways of getting a bigger profile in the UK and playing some larger venues to bigger audiences. As a fan over many years i would love to see a set list full of your solo work with maybe the odd trapeze number and would prefer not to hear the old Purple numbers. As what has made you stand out from the crowd has been your artistic integrety and the desire to push yourself forward as an artist.

    So i would much prefer you to tour under your own name, but was thinking that by supporting a bigger name artist, you could appeal to a new audience and attract new fans.

    Anyhow lets hope that you can play some more outdoor festivals in the UK and a proper tour some time in the future. However the real problem in the UK is the music industry and the music media who are only inerested in celebrity pop acts and reality singing acts not proper talent. So any real talent has great problems getting any attention and thus an audience.

    So all the best Glenn, lets hope for a great year and some great audiences

  • Let me just review that post. Yep, he certainly did. Well, that's just made my year. Glenn, that's brilliant news, mate!

    Can't wait for the return of Big Daddy to the Great Southern Land.

    Looking forward to the F.U.N.K



  • Hi Patrick

    The last time I looked at a map, France was next door to Belgium,Italy & Germany.
    Glenn is playing in those countries & so while for you,personally,it will be a l-o-n-g drive,for other French people it will be a short hop across the border.
    In any case,are we not just one big United Europe,with no borders? ;)

    I think Glenn & his manager have explained many times in the past why he can perform at certain places & not others - this is really just keeping going over the same ground & is beyond Glenn's control.
    The direction of your questions as to why Glenn plays here & not there should be pitched at your local venue owners.He has on many occasions expressed his wishes to play whenever & wherever he can - he ain't afraid of no-one! :thumbup:


    Ben !!

  • Hello Ben !
    first I never say that Glenn doesn't want to play in france.. this situation isn't his fault but french promoter's fault.. it's the same for many many others artists like Whitesnake, Black Sabbath (or Heaven an' Hell), Blackmore's Night (except one gig in 2006) and even Deep Purple during many years (situation changes for them in the 2 last years with 3 big tours !!)

    Second I live in the city on the center of France. so Belgium, Italy, Germany or Spain is not really near my home.. (more than 500 kms) So it means that I have to drive take an hotel and according to the date, take some days off my work.. this is not very easy to do and explain to my family (wife and childrens) who don't come with me.. I have an impression of selfishman.. so I prefer stay at home.. I really hope that this year Glenn can come in France and I work on it !! but once again decision-makers doesn't follow us..
    Anyways perhaps this year is the good one and I try to see Glenn in Belgium with help of my really good friend Harry ;)

    here is my answer Ben and I hope you understand me in spite of my very very very poor english !! ;)

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