JB's - Threat hanging over club...

  • Grim news maybe...although, it could obviously do with a facelift :)


  • As far as I can make out David, this seems to part of a more wide ranging issue. Here in England, much of the character that most of us see as "the norm" is being ripped out.

    In New Brighton where I used to live, there were rows of historic houses and a large Victorian hotel all of which added character when you stepped off your drive. Now all you see is samey apartments you would see in anywhere in any town.

    I am not saying JB's is a mecca. We have been to see Glenn there and had a good time (although they could have done with ugrading the PA) At the end of the day though who could blame JB's management if they sold out and made a few sheckles.

    I guess I am a bit of a romantic but it does seem a shame when the big money boys and girls decide what we see in our landscape. Sorry if that sounds a bit philosophical and off topic. But without the likes of JB's we will be forced to listen to inane piped music. And yet another venue falls foul to the big buck.

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