John Elefante

  • I remember reading in "Rolling Stone" back in the late 70's a short interview with Kerry Livgren. Apparently Dave Hope had become a born again Christian; Livgren remarked that Hope had been a "real street cat" and was so impressed by the changes in his band mate that he too became born was almost inevitable that policy within the band would shift and Steve Walsh would soon depart...enter John Elefante!

    My friend John Williamson followed the Elefante brothers on their musical journey..he enjoyed the Elefante era Kansas.

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  • I have very mixed feelings about Elefante, mainly because I always thought that Kansas sans Steve Walsh was not Kansas.
    Elefante still did an excellent job. Can't blame him for the decline of the band after only 2 albums.
    A video tape from a 1983 Kansas show with Elefante on vocals and various instruments (mainly additional keys, but also additional guitar) used to be available on VHS tape and I think I have a copy lying around somewhere... It's a very good performance, but the magic is gone.
    Violinist Steinhardt left (was sacked?) after the tour. Only a couple of months later the band was history, before they regrouped sans Livgren and Hope, but with Walsh and enter Steve Morse in 1986.

    If I remember correctly, Elefante released a solo album only a couple of years ago. Didn't he become a Born-again Christian aswell?

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