• I find very interesting infos about Moody Blues tours with TRAPEZE as support act.

    The Moodies toured the UK in December 1969 with Trapeze and Timon as opening acts (both this bands were on Threshold Records):

    December 5, 1969 - Odeon, Newcastle
    December 6, 1969 - Odeon, Manchester
    December 7, 1969 - Usher Hall, Edinburgh
    December 11, 1969 - Colston Hall, Bristol
    December 12, 1969 - Royal Albert Hall, London
    December 13, 1969 - Gaumont, Southampton
    December 14, 1969 - Odeon, Birmingham

    And American tour for two bands: Moody Blues - Trapeze.

    December 3, 1970 - Maples Pavilion, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA
    December 4, 1970 - San Diego International Sports Arena, San Diego, CA
    December 5, 1970 - Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO
    December 6, 1970 - Municipal Auditorium, Dallas, TX
    December 7, 1970 - Municipal Auditorium, Austin, TX
    December 8, 1970 - University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK
    December 9, 1970 - Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston, TX
    December 10, 1970 - St. Louis Arena, St. Louis, MO
    December 11, 1970 - Denver Coliseum, Denver, CO
    December 12, 1970 - Los Angeles Forum, Inglewood, CA
    December 13, 1970 - Off
    December 14, 1970 - Carnegie Hall, New York, NY

  • i got the dvd/cd Moody blues, their full story on a 3 dvd/cd deluxe set on 'Classic Artists'

    There is a section where they talk in depth about their Threshold label, Justin Hayward mentions a great band TRAPEZE, that they still remain good friends. In the background BLACK CLOUD is playing....

    excellent , well researched dvd, all band members and more are interviewed.

    Very worthwhile dvd. Saw them last summer in Cleveland, very good sympho pop band, with lots of melancholic stuff...a bit 'fluffy' (?) at times, but still going strong

  • Thanks for the info Aleksey.

    I would have gone to the St. Louis gig in December 1970, but since I was only 11 years old at the time, it would have been too cold to ride my bicycle the forty-five miles to the gig.



  • ........and you dare to call yourself a true fan, with that shabby excuse? :lol:

    In other news:
    The stage at Carnegie Hall, huh?
    Considering that BB King's was way too small for the show last June,



  • That's interesting that the tour skipped San Antonio. Perhaps a bit early in airplay for Trapeze. The first time I heard the album I was a freshman in high school (14 years old) so that would have been '72. It was at a party in Live Oak TX. I do remember concert dates for the Moody Blues though later - that was for a bit older crowd.

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