Mel's illness

  • words cannot express...........

    Mel is a true gentleman and its an honour to have him as my friend.

    Quite a few of you have my snail-mail address if you want to send a card over for me to pass on. if you dont then PM me.

    Brother, i want to send a card to Mel but i don't have your msn or e-mail.

  • I'm so sad to hear this news. I haven't posted on here for years, I don't know what to write. Mel. You are the music.

    You were always friendly when as a teenager I used to follow you around with Whitesnake and MGM. Your guitar playing is unique and from the heart and I just hope you know how much you are loved and idolised by so many.

    I have a rare recording somewhere of you playing with Rosie in Cannock in the late 80's. An awesome duet of her track 'Stand by me.. and I will stand by you'.. Well I hope you know we are all standing by you, but if you can't stay around, then say hi to Cozy and dont stop the music.


  • My prayers go out to Mel and his family. I love his guitar work in Trapeze - those tunes with and without Glenn. Thank you so much for the music. I love the utube videos of Mel playing.

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