• Messsage to Paul and John ~

    Thank you so much, for being our direct "link" to Mel :heart:



  • Express & Star article by John Ogden

    I have never been so angry with a total stranger, as I am with this jac--ss John Ogden.

    How many years did he go to a School of Journalisn?

    And this is the only wording that he could find for this newspaper headline?

    PS.....hackney: I mailed a card to your address today, the 7th.



  • Grace, John Ogden is one of Mel and Glenn's dearest friends and played percussion on You Are The Music.. as well as dozens of live performances with Trapeze. He wrote the article sure – but the headline is added by a sub-editor when making the page up.

    However, it could have been more caring, I agree.

    Mel saw the article yesterday and when we spoke last night he was very happy with the piece.

    Love J

  • I was so saddened when I first read about Mel's condition, especially knowing how enthusiastic some of you have been about attending his gigs in March! At first I thought I didn't get it right, that I misunderstood, but now.....:(

    Now I can only send my love and blessings to Mel, his family and friends! :heart: :rose:

  • Dear, Mel... I send you my best wishes and I wanna thank you for all the good moments you made us living... thanks my friend and God bless you....... from Spain, Jesus.

  • OK, hackney.
    Thanks for correcting my mistake. I apologize to Mr. Ogden.

    It's just that the headline was so...............
    It could have easily and accurately used the word "fighting" instead.
    That sub-editor needs "a couth lesson," among other things.
    Please keep on the look-out for the mail.
    And thanks for sharing your "45 year friendship" with us.



  • Jeez, this is terrible news. Mel and I share the same birthday and the same illness (although my battle with cancer ended successfully in 2000). I hope Mel is able to beat this dreadful disease too. My thoughts are with you and your family, Mel.


  • Not too much one can say really.
    Thoughts to all close to Mel as well as my favourite guitarist ever. Your music has and will continue to touch me and thousands others.

    Thankyou Mel xx

  • I just got word today. I'm truly devastated. To Mel, Annette and your wonderful family lots of love and one big hug. The GHPG family is with you, always.

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • I think about something.. I hope Glenn will give his new album F.U.N.K to listen to Mel.. Glenn says that this album will be a sort of following to the "you are the music.." album.. I'm sure that Mel will be very happy to listen this... :) :)

  • I have remained silent till now, but many of my thoughts the past week have been of Mel and I wish to give him all my prayers and his family and Glenn. The dignity and courage he is showing is to be admired. All the best Mel.


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