• If it´s half as good as Feel - then it´s a masterpiece.
    Funk is Glenns element.

    At the same time he does great stuff in other genres too.

  • The great thing is his ability to stay modern and keep pushing the line.

    So many great artists get stuck in a rut, and never progress past their set formula.

  • Um...is that blue cover with the plain orange words on it and the subtle atomic symbol the actual FUNK album cover? If so, it looks like Big Daddy has gone the route Gary Moore did with his 'Old, New, Ballads, Blues' and 'Blues for Greeny' albums. And that would be unfortunate - saddling a collection of vibrant, creative songs with a very plain, lackluster cover which does not convey any of the life contained in the album's "grooves".



  • that's kind of the way i felt when i saw the album(cd) cover. i was, and still are hoping that it may not be, but i've got a feeling that it must be. but , then again, some of the best presents that i've ever gotten have come in a plain brown paper bag, so go figure

  • Um...is that blue cover with the plain orange words on it and the subtle atomic symbol the actual FUNK album cover?

    that's kind of the way i felt when i saw the album(cd) cover.

    You guys think too much :p

    ...or have way too much time on your hands :lol: to analyze every minute detail such as this!!

  • I beg to differ, Shirean :p The cover art which makes up the entire front of the CD is not a "minute detail". Would you buy a car because it got great mileage, regardless of what it looked like? No. Do you buy clothes with only comfort and function in mind, and no regard for how they look? No. That's what I'm getting at.

    A phrase comes to mind: Dress to impress.

    An album cover is an important part of the complete package - the cover should represent the personality of the artist, and reflect in some way the music that is inside. I think the FUNK album cover is rather plain and undistinctive, and conveys very little of what Glenn is all about. I think it sells Glenn short. It looks like an advance promo copy, or a last minute idea tossed together by someone with little regard for the finished product. And for all that Glenn has poured into this new album, I think the visual representation deserves more consideration.

    (Not to mention I suspect the artwork was done by the guy (or a fan of the guy) who did RHCP's 'Stadium Arcadium' - the color scheme, placement of Glenn's name and cosmic ring are uncannily similar on Big Daddy's FUNK cover.)


  • once again, i agree w/ the toadsterama. having said that, i'm still buying my copy the moment that it's available. taking a moment to go back to my plain brown paper bag comment though, i remind myself about having simular thoughts w/ led zeps "in through the out door", which truely did come in a plain brown paper bag. i believe i've played that one a few times ;) over the years,so what do i know. on a final note though, "in through the out door" turned out to be led zeps last record, i hope big daddy has many more left to come.

  • Ha ha...very funny! Of course I'll be buying it, David. And I hope that there are hordes more buying it along with me.

    Bart, your brown paper bag analogy is duly noted...although it should also be noted that you're talking about Led Zeppelin, a band that wielded the power to do anything it wanted - short of raising the dead, apparently ;)


  • yeah toad. true and humerous. lets just hope that glenn can keep reserecting his carrier w/ alot of new people as well as old. some people will think this is his very first release, while others still will think that he hasn't done anything since he used to play that PURPLE MUSIC . although, i'm not sure what rock the people in either of those catagories would have been hiding under.

  • Todd's right.

    We crazies will buy anything with Glenn's name on it.
    But the people who've never heard of GH, will have no clue.
    And they won't get any clues from the FUNK art-work cover.
    Is it hip-hop music, club/disco/fusion/tecno?

    I couldn't figure out why the cover of Music for the Divine
    (or thanks to the confusing lettering ~ was it Music for the Divide?)
    had a photograph of the City of Angels ~ Los Angeles ~ on the cover.
    Shouldn't that picture have been on the cover of Soulfully Live in the City of Angels?

    Nobody wants to hear me whine again about the Christmas CD cover.
    (Search ---> Glenn's solo CD covers.)
    But CD covers need to pop out of the racks in a CD store.

    Give a customer a clue, as to what they can expect to hear when they buy it.
    Use the damn "formerly of" when necessary :(
    Stick a neon-colored label on the cellophane wrap, calling Glenn "The Voice Of Rock."
    Yeah, yeah, this is a FUNK album, blah, blah.........

    Give the man some decent publicity, so he sells more CDs than to just those few of us "in the know."

    OK....that's my 2 cents.


  • ........and worth every penny :lol:
    i agree w/ grace though. working in a music store, i know that to even get a cd in somebodys hand , you must first get their attention so that they will want to pick it up and unfortunantly, it usually does take an eye catching cover. now in my store, i'll be putting the cd in peoples hand, but what about the stores where people dont even know who glenn hughes is ? ( which is unfortunantly , probably most stores now-a-days)

  • Well, I usually try to buy the Japanese editions when I can. The quality of the packaging is better than the EU/UK/US editions and you from time to time get some kind of bonus or more music for your money if you want to put it that way. But of course with Soul Mover and M4TD they added different bonus tracks to the Japanese and the EU editions so that meant, being a completist, I had to buy both... :lol:

  • i know what you are saying Todd, but in some ways i think it stands out more.

    these days its all about appearance. not putting Glenn's face on the front like with addiction, feel, btm etc is a way of stopping people saying "who's that guy" and wanting to know what the music is like instead.

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

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