UK Rock and Blues Festival

  • GLENN and his band headline the Rock & Blues Festival at Conegrey Showground, in Pentrich, Nr Ripley, Derbyshire, UK on Friday, July 25th at the ROCK AND BLUES CUSTOM SHOW.

    This year's festival is a particularly special event as it is the 25th anniversary of Europe's No.1 Music and Motorcycle Festival.

    Tickets and info:

  • And that is only FRIDAY. Day 2 includes one of my all-time faves; BUDGIE !!! Have a great weekend Wolfy !!!
    And don't forget to get Chip out of the woods before then :lol:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Pleased to see our man headlining. Haven't seen Fastway for a while either :cool: Don't they have Toby Jepson with them these days? Good singer too.

  • Oh this is brilliant :D - I wanted to go last year but missed it - but this line-up..... I def want to be there!!
    See you there Shirl & Wolfy!!!
    :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Looks as if our own GRACE will be a Special Guest.
    They are having a contest called:


    Sounds like a natural for our resident "axe-ologist"

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • :mad: So you thought the UK was a free country huh?! Well if you are a motorcycle riding, rock music (and Glenn Hughes) fan, you're in for a shock.

    After the death of a biker last year while returning from a "bash", it would appear that our boys in blue are now objecting to the licence for any event that they think "might" attract trouble - and that includes this years Rock and Blues !

    This is the link if you think you can read it without your blood boiling:

    How dare they !! The only evidence they have is front page media hype from last year. Typical "biker gang" stuff - none of which has been proved - and the incident took place on the open road, not a the event, and he was hit by a car driver.

    Have they closed all the roads. No. Have they banned any car events.No.

    But if you're a biker and want to go to a secure, well organised rock show - you can't.
    Or at least, they don't want you to. The local licensing committee meet on Wednesday and we need a show of support from right minded folk to oppose the police objection.
    Send an e-mail to . Be polite and reasonable but we need to make a strong representation that this objection is preposterous !

    I hope that even those further away GHPG members can show their support. The police state might be coming to your town next.

    I would go to calm down, but I just can't :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

  • Hi All,

    Looks like this has been pulled due to red tape and beurocracy!

    Great news about the Spanish gigs though. The Grimsby contingent will be in Madrid.

    Stay FUNKY
    Mikey D

  • Accoridng to the Rock & Blues Show has been cancelled due to a licence not being granted. It would appear fears over the relatiation to a death of biker there last year is behind it all.

    Another Glenn show bites the dust!!


  • I know a lot about this one but better not to comment as such, but I do need to say that I've DREAMED of Glenn making his mark at this event (my second home) for YEARS!!!!

    This was the PERFECT audience for you Glenn, and I'll stay content that I can hold the dream for a while longer.

    At least this year I can catch up with all things FUNK in the UK and Spain :cool:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Breaking News

    This is a final statement from One Percent Entertainments' Group concerning the organisation of the 25th Annual Rock & Blues Custom Show.

    As of today the 28th May 2008 the event premises license has been re-issued to Amber Valley District Council and we fully intend to be moving the event back to its spiritual home of Coney Grey Showground Pentrich Derbyshire. One Percent Entertainments' Group and its legal representatives will be fighting this license application all the way over previous representations made from the Derbyshire Constabulary as to why we formerly withdrew our application for RBCS 25 at Catton Hall. Since then we feel those concerns do not exist. We would like to again thank the many thousands of people who have emailed their best wishes and continued support towards this 25th milestone event. We appreciate that lots of people have been confused about what has actually been going on in the background but it has been difficult due to legal reasons to fully explain everything but we want to thank everyone for their patience and we want to reassure anyone who has purchased tickets for this event that they will remain valid for the event which will take place on the same dates as previously advertised, which are 24th – 27th July 2008. One Percent Entertainments Group are completely and utterly dedicated to making RBCS 25 work and run again this year as one of the safest festivals in the UK and are drafting in some of the UK’s leading public entertainment specialist company’s in the country to ensure its smooth and orderly running, “no news there then, just business as usual.”

    We would like to remind the general public that this event has an impeccable safety record and in 24 years of history has never suffered any occasions of public disorder. The event website will be up and running again in its entirety later this week where you can keep up to date with developments as they happen.

    Kind Regards to all

    The RBCS 25 Team

    David / Shirean - presumably Glenn is still on the Friday bill now that this great news has been made public?

    :bouncer2: :bouncer2: :ghcp:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '


    After much speculation, it is with great pleasure that we can announce that the ROCK AND BLUES CUSTOM SHOW has now been officially rescheduled and confirmed. The dates for the festival remain the same, with the only change being a change in the festival site. The organisers have moved the event back to their usual site:


    Glenn will still be headlining as before on FRIDAY JULY 25TH.

    Our thanks to the promoters and organisers, One Percent and DS Promotions, for all their hard work and commitment.

    Tickets and all details from:

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