Michael Schenker - Tamworth Show review

  • I went to see Michael Schenker on Saturday (January 19th). This was with some trepidation based on last year’s tour. My two mates who came with me were unfortunate enough to see a show last year where he was so drunk he could barely stand. However, I am happy to report that this was a completely different performance. Michael looked fit and healthy and just drank water. His playing was good and the band who played with him were all on form, especially drummer Tom Broman who had played with Glenn Hughes on several tours. He really walloped them! Singer Lief had a good voice but didn’t attempt some of the high notes. Chatting to him after the show he said he had been suffering with a bad cold for a few days and rather than strain his voice or miss some notes he just sang them lower. The bass player looked like David Cassidy and played an old Fender with gusto. Keyboard/rhythm guitarist Kjell could be heard in the mix and hadn’t changed a bit from when I last saw him previously (also with Glenn) a few years back.

    The set list contained plenty of MSG and UFO classics. I was amazed at how many songs I knew almost word for word despite not listening to them for years. You can’t beat some of those riffs – Rock Bottom, Attack of the Mad Axeman, Dr Dr, Are You Ready to Rock etc. Also did Into The Arena and Capt Nemo.

    After the gig he did a signing and shook everyones hand. i got 4 cd covers signed no problem. As promised, they also gave away a Dean Flying V like this to a lucky punter whos ticket was pulled out of a hat. you should have seen the young kids face! :eek: :D

    The venue, The Tamworth Palace, was one I hadn’t been to before but it was better than JB’s for sound, lights, bar and room condition. This place was taken over and completely refurbished recently. It would be nice to see some other decent names here. Subtle hint there for Glenn! ;) :p The new sound system for the auditorium was designed by ex-UB40 and Magnum sound engineer Alan Caves :thumbup:

    I also met our very own JJ Web at the bar (where else).

    I chatted to Tom and Leif after the show and they were having a great tour.

    And i just heard that more shows have been added - including, incredibly, The Tackeroo in Cannock :eek: :bouncer:

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Yes, I agree with everything Wolfy said - he was splendid. Looking and listening to him on Saturday it was hard to believe all that stuff last summer ever happened.

    Great to meet you at last Wolfy - and no, I was never trapped in a lift with you in Northampton... I'm sure I'd have remembered that, haha. (It must have been some other skinny young redhead!)

  • Well, since I have taken issues with Schenker in the past, it is only right to laud him for making a strong return. If he is able to keep it up, this would be wonderful. I still am leery of traveling to see MSG, but if he is in "the area" I would enjoy seeing him perform as his old self.

    Good luck Michael, it will be a LONG road back.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • you know, michael schenker has always been one of my favorites as well. being from the eternal pit of musical hell, chas,. s,c, we never get a chance to see any really cool music(unless we travel somewhere... like say mount clemons to see my big papa :) ), but one time, michael did actually come to our town and ALMOST played a gig. when he did the side project called, Contaband, they were scheduled to play here, but they had some kind of falling out right before, and the only one who made it here was Michael.there where two other bands playing too, and the radio station had a "meet and greet" type thing set up. As brain cells have died over the years, and this was almost 20 years ago(maybe only 17) i cant remember the other bands. but i went down there w/ all of my UFO AND msg cd covers and everyone who went down there was crowded around the other two bands, and Michael was just hanging out at a table by himself (since,not many people in chas. would know musical greatness if it bit them on the ass) and Michael signed all of my stuff and was very cool about it. As for me, i was armed and ready for the attack of the mad axe man it's just another musical trgity of my life that he didnt play here. but, life does have a way of redeeming itself, as i was front row when Glenn Hughes played at bb kings, and i am readying myself for a flight to detroit. so that's my michael schenker story, ladies and gentlemen. thanks for allowing me to share it w/ you. feel the love...

  • No no no! This isn't an MSG tour - it's Michael Schenker & Friends.
    The MSG tour is planned for later in the year, with the dates still to be announced.

  • No full listing for the MSG line-up yet, but hopefully it will be announced at the same time as the dates.

  • I was at the Tamworth gig, and also at the Tackeroo, Cannock, and Michael was brilliant! You can see a few of my shots from the gigs on my website http://www.rocklens.com (there are also some of Glenn from a couple of years back).

    Michael is playing better than ever and the band was really tight. Get to see them if you can!

  • Last night's Schenker show was great.

    Set list was superb, but very short. The gig was finished in 1hr 10 mins including encores! The Cathouse was absolutely packed - I could hardly move.

    Songs played (ones I can remember anyway) :- 

    Assault Attack
    Are You Ready To Rock
    Angel Of Avalon
    Into The Arena
    Let It Roll
    Armed and Ready
    Too Hot To Handle
    Attack Of The Mad Axeman
    Only You Can Rock Me
    But I Want More
    On and On
    Lights Out

    Doctor Doctor
    Rock Bottom 

    Michael's band were excellent. Lief Sundin struggled a bit on Assault Attack, but was good for the rest of the set.

    I took a few clips - I'll post them on YouTube over the next few days (http://youtube.com/weissheim)


  • looks like chris glen and ted mckenna will join michael and gary barden on tour

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