• Well, well......I have in my hand the Master copy of the new album.....yeah, I've already told you how I feel about it.....I'm overjoyed, and I honestly can say that I am overcome with great happiness....Writing songs is the center of my life, and to finally hear the finished Master of the new work has made me realize how far I've come since that Fateful day in December '91.

    This album is a gift to myself that I want to share with all of you.......I will announce the title here and in a voice message on my, MySpace page, very soon...also the record company....we are scheduled for a world release Party the 1st week of May.

    I wanna thank all of you who attended my mini set @ NAMM last Friday night....it was another milestone in live performances.....and how much I enjoyed myself and the response was overwhelming.

    From that show, emails and proposals for future shows and events are already being planned.....Glad we played @ NAMM, almost didn't do it, as I've been so busy. Met a lot of new friends there (you know who you are) some amazin' musicians....we are all family.....

    Watch this space....I got somethin' cookin' 4 ya!!!!



  • Mr Gfunk

    we are counting down the days for the album/tour.

    LA now seems a distant memory....especially on a wet and windy January evening in Grimsby!

    Let the Funk flow
    Mikey D

  • ...

    Music is so fine and such a gift, I am really happy that you are happy about this new one.....I already know it's great, and the right songs for this time.

    :bow: :cool: :bouncer:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Well, I'm crazy about this new album!!!!! I must have it soon!!!!!!

    Glenn..... you are a gift to all of us and your songs brings us emotions that only you can do.

    Im waiting for you so badly next june here in Brasil and I'll cry and have new explosions of emotions just like on your last show here.

    Hope we can meet again, your energy is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless You and Everything in Your Life!!! Congratulations!!! :claphands


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