First Underground Nuclear Tour 2008

  • He became first famous as bassist vokalist in funkrock the band
    Staircase a prior he became get hold of up at Deep Purple.

    WOW! This is great news, wolfy.

    A previously unknown, new chapter of the GH discography!!!!!

    Gotta' go find those Glenn Hughes "Staircase" CDs. :lol:


  • I hear the Staircase collection is OK, just a bit up and down throughout (OUCH) :D :D

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Hello friends

    what's about dates in Spain.....?

    It would be possible one date in ZARAGOZA during the celebration of the INTERNATIONAL EXPOSITION in trhis sumer.

    Glenn was never before in Zaragoza a small city near Ebro river and between Madrid and Barcelona. It is the perfect moment and the perfect place to visit Spain one more time.

    We all hope to see Glenn again in Spain very very soon.....

    We all love you

    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

  • Glenn Hughes am a actual travelled the warhorse at it english rockscenen. He became first famous as bassist vokalist in funkrock the band Staircase a prior he became get hold of up at Deep Purple. After three year in Purple bar facts forth in superduoen Hughes Thrall a prior he stayed innom Black Sabbath ( well Tony Iommi ) and co-operation along with circus performer as Gary Moors KLF and Red Hot Chilean Pepparsauce. He has afterwards set the wheels in motion along with own and Deep Purple material a prior he in inlets appeared at Ken Hensleys fresh konseptalbum ”Blood On In spite of the fact that Highway”. This am the schoolfellow rock at her all , all best!

    I'm sorry, I know this isn't a thread about comedy descriptions of rock stars, but this is just about the funniest thing I've read in more than 30 years of reading about rock music... and yes I know I need to get out more... I have a bottle of that Pepparsauce in the cupboard - it's damn fine stuff ha ha. Excellent work Wolfy, just excellent!

    Keep the faith, 'cos that's the way it is...

  • And don't forget to buy all of those swell GH "Staircase" CDs :lol:

    Al, when you first sign up, you're automatically a "trainee."
    After about 25 posts (I think) you get up-graded to "inductee,"
    50 is for "graduate" and 100 makes you "OFFICIAL."
    (Unless I'm wrong about the numbers and levels.)
    David "SEARCH IS YOUR FRIEND" Harrison will straighten this out for you.

    You might find it interesting to read what happened, when some
    "trainee" named Glenn Hughes signed up in November, 2005.
    And with only 22 posts so far, "this Hughes guy" remains a "trainee."
    Ahhhhh, democracy is wonderful!

    I thought that other new people might have the same question as yours,
    so I posted the answer here. And welcome to the gang 'O crazy people.


  • Apparently no dates in France... :confused: :confused:

    Please come back in France, not especially in Paris, even somewhere between Nice ;) (This one for nath!!) and Lille (and this one for Lylian) ;) so in between, the best, would finally be Paris or Clermont Ferrand!!! hello Storm ;)

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