Gary Moore fans? And Merry Christmas!!

  • I was checking out some past threads, and I'm glad to see that many of you are Gary Moore fans. He was in a lot of the top 10 lists, and also the amazing Rory Gallagher too ("Hands Off!"). While S.R.V. is one of my all time favorite gunslingers, a great friend and stunning guitarist himself turned me onto Gary about 3 years ago, and I was hooked. The man is a monster.

    As for Ben's review of awhile back, I wasn't there and I don't know who the so called 'side men' were, but I notice when Gary is playing with awesome drummers such as Powell, Paice, etc., he turns it up 2-3 notches. Now I know most of us drummers are a dime a dozen, but in the amazing O.G.W.T. video, Gary broke a string very early on, but didn't let it bother him one bit, as he had an awesome band to play with. That is the key word, play. If you're not comfortable with the other artists, they know it. That was probably why he had an off night, because he had made his so called 'side men' nervous or just plain pissed. But I'd give just about anything to try and drive this force of nature from Ireland!! :cool: Prank/Lenny BTW, any fellow drummers catch those one handed snare rolls toward the end of the song? WOW!!! :bow:

    I didn't really notice another amazing guitarist in that round up, but Lindsey Buckingham really thrills my soul as well. Lindsey is very underrated, IMHO.

  • I have seen a lot of ads for the movie "Walk Hard; The Dewey Clark Story"...and this could be a by product of my feverish brain...but I can't get over how Dewey Clark looks like Gary Moore with a pompadour.....I was looking at a few stills and was thinking..."he looks familiar.."

    OK..tell me I am nuts.....and a years supply of Rice-A-Roni to the first person who responds by saying; "Hey ARE nuts!"

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Sure I am a major fan of Moore, mate.

    He may be difficult too and whatever they call him, it doesnt change the fact that he has always been one of the most outstanding musicians out there, not only for the classic rock scene, but also for jazzrock, even the heavy blues genre and the vintage rock category.
    I love and adore him for his work in COLOSSEUM II as well as for his G-FORCE songs or all the instrumental music he wrote and nevertheless for the rough vintage rock sound he brought back with the 2002 "Scars" album.

    Not to mention his work in Thin Lizzy, of course. Although I have never been a big Lizzy fan at all.

    There are only a few guitarists like Gary Moore out there.

    And Im NOT talking about his way of playing guitar "fast", thats totally unimportant.
    His "feel" and his intonation and his creativity has always been majorly adorable.

    SRV is another story. After he got sober it would have been very interesting what kind of albums he would have made in the future.

    It was another one of these neverending sad stories of legendary rock´n roll musicians ...
    Stevie was extremly fab. Those who sometimes say that SRV would have been just a Hendrix copy have no clue at all who he was.

    He made extraordinary music and he technique was breathtaking to me as a guitarist.
    A Hendrix clone is Randy Hansen :)

    Great topic, mate and it shows you have a great taste in music.

    Not to mention Rory Gallagher, which was another legendary guitarist and musician for me which I do miss big time.

    Gallagher was also one of these guys who were milestones for combining music and different styles and who had a major impact on so many musicians and music which were following.

  • I did see it too captmidnite1962, he did look familiar! But while Gary is NOT to comedy as Will is, Will is certainly NOT to music as Gary is, but then I would want to seriously injure Will for having too many gifts/talent!! ;)

    schreinermusic, you are indeed the man!! :cool: I agree with everything you wrote, and I have some new CD's to check out as well now because of your extensive knowledge...thank you!!! :) From Gary's feel and intonations, straight away you know you're dealing with a prodigy...and I'm glad mine and other people's prayers were heard and Gary is doing much better now, as I see he has new tour dates out...if only I lived in Europe :(

    Thanks also for the props regarding my tastes, I love true music in all its forms, from Classical to Rap (but ONLY DC Talk, an awesome Christian band that plays it all - rock, jazz, pop, power ballads, praise, etc. - and the only Rap I can honestly say I like, because they do it so well and only for the King of Kings). I look forward to buying the CD's you referenced and listening to the force of nature that is Gary Moore :clapper: Prank/ Lenny

    BTW, Gallagher is simply incredible on O.G.W.T., and other vids I've had the honor of seeing, the man is certainly underrated and sad :( And as for S.R.V., I will never forget him, nor Tommy Shannon or Chris Layton, the only 2 artists who could truly keep up with another of God's gifts to man, IMHO. Shannon is simply awesome, as is Layton. And yes, I'm a frustrated bassist, because the bass line in Uriah Heep's "Stealin'" makes me want to get up and boogie...stunning!! :bow:

  • Cheers, mate, likewise!

    Just tried to add you and to send a message at MySpace, didnt work due to your settings, my friend. (No acceptance of band addings). Just add me, mate. This should work :)

    Speaking about Gary Moore, there is "another" Gary Moore who changed his name a bit because of THE Gary Moore. Its the guy called "Moses Mo" who is guitarist in Mother´s Finest, the great funkrock band. His name is indeed "Gary Moore" too! He changed it already in the seventies for obvious reasons. Not sure of you are familiar with his work tho.

    Despite the fact that MF is still going strong, I personally do prefer their music and performances from the 70´s tho. If you have get the chance to watch their "Rockpalast LIVE DVD", go ahead and do it! Moses had such an incredible feel and brilliant intonation back then.

    Funkrock at its best.

    By the way, Leonard, my name is Achim :)

    Cheers and have a brilliant weekend!

  • But I've been very busy with the Holidays, work at the police department, my Grandson and family life, taking care of my 74 year old Mother (we recently lost my 76 year old Step-Dad during Thanksgiving, her mate for over 23 years, and she is really grieving and thinking she is in our way now for some odd reason...she should know what a Mamma's boy I am by now). But I hope you understand, and will Add me, as I'm going to check out your Space right after I post this.

    I appreciate all the help I can get in discovering new artists, old and new. People at my church think if you listen to 'worldly/the devil's music', you're going to hell. I just don't see it. If I wasn't heavily influenced by Mr. Holland, Bonzo, Moon 'The Loon', Cobham, Rich, Krupa, Porcaro, Paice, etc., etc., I would have never developed my own unique style, as I glean something from each of these giants and try my best to make it my own. And that is basically judging these fellow human beings in a way, something the Bible tells us NOT to do.

    Thank you again, and I hope you're having a safe and Happy New Year!! :cheers: Leonard AKA Lenny

  • Achim…WOW!!! :clapper:I just checked out your Artist page, and you are awesome. I usually go right for the songs with the fewest plays, and was rewarded more than usual. ‘Hide’ is simply beautiful with the vocals and the superb piano playing, and ‘Butterfly’ makes me want to lay down a big old fat groove for the stunning guitar work…amazing!! ‘Face of All Rainbows’ reminds me of The Moody Blues, and has that awesome sounding acoustic guitar again, I love that guitar…what kind is it? Fender, as I saw on your site? And what is the wood composition please? What strings do you use?

    I’m now listening to ‘Inner Light’ as I type this in Word, and it’s great as well…and I think I hear a Vox too? Man, you’re making me want to get behind my Pearl’s and play…great stuff. It must be nice to be so talented; the Lord has truly gifted you. And you did all the instruments, right? I love the end of ‘Inner Light’, with the excellent cymbal work. :claphands

    Take care and keep up the great work!! :cool: Leonard AKA Lenny

  • Cheers, mate! Much appreciated, my friend!

    Im very glad you like the music! If you wanna dig down into some classic rock stuff, make sure to visit the "Northwind" page as well, Leonard.

    Regarding gear, I recently posted a blog to this topic on my main site. Feel free to check it out, mate.

    I mainly play Fender Strats yes, but generally prefer the "Power" Strats, which have 2 singlecoil and 1 humbucker instead of 3 singlecoil pickups. Its gives the sounds a harder edge and a bit like a LesPaul sound when playing rhythm. String gauges... I prefer 009-038 which is a bit unusual :) But also use 009-42 or 010-46 for rhythm. Acoustically I mainly play a Yamaha Ovation with .12 bronze strings.

    Have a great weekend, my good friend!

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