Reunions You'd Pay to See

  • With all the talk about the Led Zep reunion this past week, and the discussion here about DP reunions, I was wondering just what reunions others would like to see.

    With so many choices, and so many incarnations of differing bands, be sure to list your specific band combination. And please only bands where the members are alive or name a replacement yourself (Jason Bonham for John Bonham for example).

    Should give us a few minutes to think at least. Thanks.

    I personally would pay to see an Argent reunion, Ten Years After (with Alvin Lee), King Crimson (in any incarnation), 801 and Mott the Hoople (Mick Ralphs). Just a few to start up.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • All the original members of Van Halen

    Steve Perry with Journey

    Doobie Brothers with Michael McDonald

    Whitesnake with John Sykes

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • A few of the top of my head.
    Blackmore with ...DP mk3 or Rainbow (RJD or Doogie white)
    Gillan with Bernie Torme (playing Mr Universe & glory rd CD's)
    Journey with Steve Perry
    Love & Money (Scottish band with James Grant on Guitar & Vocals).

    To those sadly departed and missed:
    Frank Zappa
    Randy Rhodes (with Ozzy)
    Tommy Bolin either with DP or Solo
    Bon Scott with AC/DC

  • Personally...I would love to see the original line up of UK play together but it will never happen....Bill Bruford and Allan Holdsworth would never play anything resembling rock music and more power to them. But I can dream, can't I?

    Argent would be cool....I saw a clip of Rod Argent, Colin Blunstone (Jim Rodford may have been there too) and they sounded great. But the original quartet was where it was at!

    Crimson is still out and about.....if you can't satisfy your KC jones, then all the cool concert downloads at the DGM site will pull you through! I downloaded several 1973-74 era shows and they are fantastic!

    If you want to talk about a band that blew a great opportunity look no further than Grand Funk Railroad. After a successful 2 year run with the original trio, they were primed for 1999...30 Years of Funk and a huge sponsorship deal from from Harley Davidsen...only to disband and now you have two different warring factions out there.

    And the beat goes on.....

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Very cool topic FCinnella!

    I think if Blackmore would do anything he did in the past would be enough for me

    no. 1 Rainbow with Dio
    no. 2 Rainbow with JLT
    no. 3 Angel with Punky or Giuffria
    no. 4 Yngwie with JLT
    no. 5 Iommi with Hughes

    Im not sure where to put a Purple MK-III reunion... :confused:

  • Loving these ideas.

    The Angel mention is awesome; what a great live band they were. I saw them a whole bunch of times and never tired of them. When Bobby Blaze (Lillian Axe) played with them I got a laugh, he was my 'handyman' for a while in Florida and was driving an old beat up Datsun. It was kinda funny.

    Bill's UK idea is brilliant !!!

    I almost forgot, Focus with Jan Akkerman and Thijs VanLeer together again.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Trapeze with Dave Holland (as soon as he serves the rest of his sentence).....WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!!!

    Free-with Geoff Whitehorne standing in for the dear departed Koss......


  • It's gotta be Take That with Robbie..........:eek:
    nah,just kidding,how about:

    Guns n Roses with Slash

    Ian Gillan Band with Mark Nausef,John Gustafson,Ray Fenwick,Colin Towns & Big Ian


    Ben !!

  • What would you say about Pink Floyd with David Gilmour and Roger Waters? Although they had done it, but I didn't see it, so I wish they would come to Bulgaria... :)

  • Well, here we go.....

    1. Soul Sirkus - awesome!
    2. Crawler - the best british funky/ soul/ blues band ?
    3. Trapeze - the Hughes/ Galley/ Holland version
    4. Chevy - great Midlands based band from the early 80's
    5. Nutz - Live Cutz LP a classic!
    6. Blackfoot with Ricky Medlocke
    7. Deep Purple with Tommy Bolin - a drug free gig!
    8. Montrose playing their debut album!!

    OK.......I'm stuck in atime warp of the 1970's/ 80's...but I am happy!!

    Have a fbulous Christmas one and all!!

  • Great thread Frank.

    My prayers were answered with the current Spice Girls reunion :singer: Gimme whatcha you want, whatcha you really, really want :singer: :rolleyes:

    Off the top of my head.....

    Trapeze...Mel, Glenn, Dave
    Crawler...good choice Chuck and Chris
    Chicago...original line-up, and filling in for the late-great Terry Kath....Marc Bonilla. And playing nothing after Chicago "VIII" Ok, maybe a couple off of "X" and "XI"
    Journey...original line-up. Playing the first three albums Steve Perry for me, thank you.
    Rare Bird
    Climax Blues Band
    Mahogany Rush...original 3-piece.


  • Ok, I'll have a go...

    Blue Oyster Cult (w/ the Bouchard brothers and the recently ousted/retired Allen Lanier)

    Jeff Beck / Jan Hammer

    Beck / Bogert / Appice

    Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac

    Black Oak Arkansas (Dandy, Dirty, Goober, Ricochet, Burley and either drummer - Squeezebox or Dork Jackson!)

    Motorhead (Lemmy, Philthy Phil and Fast Eddie Clarke)


  • My dearest wish would be to see a MKIII reunion. So if Santa, Glenn or DC read this, it could be a nice Xmas present :lol:

    Also on the wish list :
    DC & Glenn doing something acoustic like DC's "starkers in Tokyo" for example.
    The classic Whitesnake line-up
    Tony Iommi with Glenn
    Rainbow with RJD
    Led Zeppelin


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