Deep Purple reunion

  • Would love to see Mk III do a one off show/tour. But I think the sad fact is there's far too little interest here in the States. I'd be willing to bet most people have no memories of anything Deep Purple beside "Smoke on the Water"

  • that would be awesome

    but would it be a $200 a ticket deal like most reunion shows?

  • I can see it happening. Eventually Richie will get bored, and maybe consider doing it. I think David would do it. We know Glenn will. The great thing about it is that we know Glenn can pull it off, and David probably can too.

    There is no reason why voices like these, which are amazingly still intact, should not be doing this material.

  • Interesting idea, Paul! They often played "Man on the Silver Mountain" and others in notable versions in the past.
    People enjoy it a lot! All are having a great time and thats the main thing, isnt it?

    LOL...listen to the crowd after 2nd verse...:D :D

    No offence, but I can't accept it with Candice on vocals :mad: :mad:

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