Deep Purple reunion

  • I have no interest in a DP reunion of any sort. I've really lost interest in the franchise since the 1985. As great as the reunion album was, the magic died for me with the final riffs of the Perfect Strangers tour. As for Blackmore, well, no comment here.

    Wouldn't it be better to see a Whitesnake reunion featuring the DC/Moody/Marsden/Murray/Lord/Paice lineup?

    Or a Coverdale-Hughes collaboration. That would be my biggest thrill.

    I agree with you Brian. I rather see Glenn concentrating on his solo stuff also. He is on his peak of his career. I hate to see him discontinueing that. Maybe a one off reunion show in Albert hall would be nice. Nothing more.

  • This would be quite an interesting one, i personally reckon it will never happen, a "Purple" reunion with the "Burn" lineup. It's quite obvious there would be only one person, that would have very little interest, and no doubt there would be a few egos invloved.

    and that's one thing that would be too difficult to keep in check?

    With the recent "Zeppelin" reunion no matter what has been said or well documented, and Plants voice is not the same at 59 but the concert went down a storm, and with 20 million people interested and 100 million hits on their "Page" what more can you say. I hate to say if a "Purple" reunion was on the cards i can guarantee they would not get the same amount of interest.

  • Agree with those favouring the Hughes Coverdale collaboration. Never mind the DP stuff - great though it was.

    Now if David & Glenn could get together .....


  • I agree with most of the above. Led Zep didnt do much over all the years and that kept the sensation BIG TIME, of course, when it came to an actually gig these days.

    Zep never went through the same major changes regarding style or lineup that Purple did. I dont think that the broad public would seriously be interested in a Mark III re-union. I think (i dont say that I agree to this opinion tho) for most people is Deep Purple what it was in the Gillan era, including the smash hits of that time. I dont share this view but I know that it is the opinion of many classic rock fans, if I/we like to hear that or not.

    The comparison between Led Zep also lacks a fact that hasnt been mentioned here, that Zep sold more than 3 times what Purple sold. Not many people do actually know this, by the way.

    Everyone of past Purple seems to be happy in what he is doing today! No one can seriously expect these blokes going on stage and risking to be a parody of themselves. I cant imagine Lord on stage acting like in ´73 (with no shirt and open long hair) anymore and I think he neither :)

    Have a merry christmas everyone,

  • Here are the obstacles as I see them:-

    • DC still figuring that Whitesnake have a bigger following and getting yet another band of journeymen together to flog the old horse.
    • Ritchie's mother in law.
    • Paicey's commitment to the current Mark 378 line up.

    But all this could be solved with fat fist with a wedge of dollars in it. Trouble is I can't see anyone offering enough.

    Let's not get too hasty though viewing Led Zeppelin through rose coloured spectacles in comparison to Purple.

    Zeppelin maintained a stable line up by staying out of each other's way, only putting an album out every three or so years. Their output was appalling even though the quality was there. No wonder punk kicked some industry ass.

    Purple have always been a working band despite the obvious problems of jealousy, drink and drugs. Our man suffered due to the severe pressures that the industry demanded in the late 70's. Something had to give.

    And if Zep had got off their butts and did some more work, they'd have suffered the same fate. No doubt about that.

  • Too true Keith.

    If Purple didnt reform in 84 and Rainbow, Gillan and Whitesnake continued as successful as they were back then, the demand for a show by whichever lineup would be really big today.

  • But they did reform mk2 in 1984 before Gillan was sacked and then reformed again in 92/93 befoe Ritchie walked out.

    After three attempts, i don`t see any point giving it another go as it is pretty obvious that there is no way that Ian Gillan and Ritchie Blackmore can ever work together again.

    As for reforming Mk3, i dont see there being enough interest or money available to make it happen. Great though the Burn and Stormbringer albums were, the lasting legacy of Deep Purple was created by Mk2 with Deep Purple in Rock, Machine Head and Made in Japan..

    What i am really looking forward to in 2008 is Glenns new album and all the internet chatter and teasers from Glenn indicate that it is going to be something pretty special. So never mind reunion tours, lets hope that Glenn hits the road in Spring to promote this and plays some long promised gigs in the UK.

  • Iain it's a good point you make there. This great thread has yielded a healthy discussion. But over the years I have always come to the same conclusion that artistically Glenn is where he wants to be.

    My only issue with you is that I think Mark 3 would create a buzz in the same way as Heaven and Hell has. It really depends on the PR for such a venture. Without the "hype" no one is going to stump up much cash for promotion.

    I personally think there's a big enough of a market in the US, Japan, Australia and Europe for a tour to be viable. The halls would be c.2000 capacity but that would be enough for it to be worthwhile to all the stakeholders such as the band, the merchandisers, retailers and agents.

    It's a matter of selling the sizzle as opposed to the steak. And there's plenty of sizzle in this part of the Deep Purple story.

    But as you say, let's look forward to 2008 with confidence. Our guy gives us at least an album a year and he tours wherever he can. While a reunion is a fun thing to talk about, the real business is in the groove right now.

  • MK3 tour wont happen because DC cant sing live like he used to and he would be blown off stage every show - never mind the Blackmore issue. A studio release by Glenn and David would be the only viable option.

    Having said that, Glenn might not sell the volume of albums or amount of tour tickets like DP or Whitesnake do, but his writing/songs on his last 3 releases are a million times better than anything the others have done or are capable of.

    For Glenn to get involved with a 30 year old nostalgia trip would be the biggest backward step of his solo career and a massive mistake in my humble opinion. He plays Burn and Mistreated well enough on his own gigs so I dont need to see DP do it - although the JLT version actually opened their shows with Burn so i did get to see RB play it anyway.

    Funnily enough tho, due to Blackmore and Gillans personal fallout (and the fact he fell out with DC years ago too) its probably more likely Glenn would be the ex-DP person who has the best chance should RB rock again.

  • ....and having said that, Paul, I can asure you that RB pretty much rock in every BN show Ive seen so far which were about 8. Especially when it comes to the 2nd half of the shows. "Rock" can have various faces. Classic Rock, Heavy Rock, Folk Rock with heavy elements etc. etc. I always enjoyed him playing "Black Night with a over 3 minutes solo a lot at BN, also the "SOTW" versions as also the throwing in of ..YES...the "Burn" riff. I have posted a clip of BN showing this riff on here, i think is been nearly 2 years ago but David always says..."Search" is your friend. Gotta agree here :)

    The bottom line is that RB NEVER lost his ability to rock and he still does. What always drives me crazy is people (not you, Paul, my brother!) judging over current Blackmore or BN and NEVER attended a live gig which is so much the opposite from the studio recordings. First get the big view ...

    Beside that I totally agree with Paul again as I do most of the time :)

    Cheers, Achim

  • Great minds think alike Achim!

    Ive seen 3 Blackmores Night tours and yes his playing is as good as ever, especially on the acoustic guitars. Candice has a great live voice.

    I'd really like to see a tour as Rainbow with Candice doing the vocals.

  • Alternatively Ritchie could simply rearrange many of Blackmores nights songs and do rock versions of them.
    Off the top of my head Fires at midnight, Written in the stars and Storm would all make magnificent rock tracks.

  • I'd love to see/have Glenn and Ian[SIZE=-1] Gillan onstage at the same time, singing in unison to those awesome songs. I know Glenn's voice is still there, thank God, but since I just woke up and have to get ready for Church in just a minute or two, just how is Gillan's voice now? If I missed a recent Gillan video in this thread or others, I'll do a Search when I get home and see what his pipes are like now.

    As for the Zeppelin comparison, there is no comparison. They were/are NOT Led Zeppelin without Bonzo in the drummer's throne. I've seen the poor quality vids and heard a poor audio bootleg as well, and Jason can't hold a candle to his Dad, let alone Paice or Holland. Prank/Lenny

  • After reading all of the previous posts, ranging from
    totally "yes" to absolutely "no," let me add my 2 cents:

    I would pay good money to see Glenn Hughes & David Coverdale
    on the same stage...................playing a game of chess.

    Of course, after the chess game was over,
    (hopefully ending in a draw, to avoid bloodshed)
    then the real fun would start..............

    Lock 'em both up in a recording studio,
    and don't let them out, until the new CD album / DVD was finished.

    ____________ :rolleyes: ___:axe:___ :axe: ________________

  • HI, this is my first post.
    Sincerely, i wouldn't like this kind of commercial Reunion, just because Deep Purple and their Musicians had and have principles. We (fans) want that reunion but we have to think about the causes that make that happen :D

    (sorry for my bad english)

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