Deep Purple reunion

  • Hi all

    Hope everyone out there is well.

    Following Led Zep's triumphant return, it makes you wonder what could be if we had a Deep Purple 'one off' reunion concert with all the previous members participating.....

    The mind boggles !!


  • It don't know what would be more boggling...the fact the music would be great or actually getting everyone together on the same stage to their own satisfaction.

    The easy thing for Zep is that they never morphed into another band, per se, as Purple did.

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • I don't think they'd have but a fraction of the interest that Led Zeppelin generated.

    And if they did untangle the egos and red tape it would take to get a one-time "reunion" of all the living members together, I think they'd still have a mess.


  • Have to agree with Todd here. The interest would be no where near the Zep show, and then you'd be trying to figure who plays, who sings, etc.. It would look like a Glee Club show with everyone on stage at the same time :D Now a straight up MkIII one-off.....:)

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • If Deep Purple Mk III were to reform, I know one thing for sure - the vocals would be spot on!

    I hate to admit it, but that snippet I heard of Black Dog was simply lifeless and dull.
    Plant basically talked his way through that one.

  • As any economist would tell you, the value of an item comes from its scarcity.

    Led Zepplin have not performed a proper gig since 1979, hence massive interest in seeing these gods of rock.

    Deep Purple reformed in 1984 and seem to have been touring ever since with a variety of line ups, hence there is no scarcity any one who has wanted to see a Purple gig will have had no problem at all seeing the group run through all the old classics with a token new song or two.

    If Deep Purple had never reformed then yes there would be huge interest rivalling Led Zeppelin.

    As for a reunion of Mark 2 or Mark 3 it is never going to happen, there is no way that Gillan and Blackmore would ever share the same stage and i cant see Ian Paice or Blackmore having any interest in a mark 3 reunion and no promoter is going to offer vast sums of money to finance a reunion tour as there is simply not enough interest.

    The best thing to do is enjoy the memories and listen to the classic albums and get into what is current.

  • I believe in a Mk III réuinion but in 2009.. I think Glenn and David will be finish to promot their own cd and I'm sure they will be interssed by this project.. Jon and Ritchie are always in touch and I'm sure that they will really want to play together once more.. the real problem is Paicey... but if he can do the two projects (Mk III and VIII) it will be possible !!

  • ...i like this way of can even say that the DP market is flooded even more because of all the line-up changes and live albums....there seems to be a Deep Purple for every segment of 'Rock Lover'....with even Bolinites being recognised as cd-buying fans, it seems like the market has been catered to very well scarcity there...

  • Glad you agree with my approach, Led Zepplin have maintained their integrety and image by the very fact that they have not done anything for years and are still remember as the classic 70`s rock band who called it a day when John Bonham died. If they were do ta world tour we would all be willing to go and see them but if it were to carry on touring and they were to produce new albums no where near as good as the classics, the image would quickly change to money grabbing millionaires, old dinosaur rockers who were a pale shadow of their former glories.

    This is what has tarnished the brand image of Deep Purple over the years, constant line up changes, silly arguments between middle aged men who should know better, sub standard albums ( perpendicular excepted), caberet set lists and an endless supply of live recordings, Dvds ,etc. The management of Deep Purple has a lot to answer in allowing the legacy of the greatest rock band to be so cheapened over the years

  • hi

    thought it might cause a few debates :D Didn't expect them all to be so negative :eek: i think it would only be a bit of nostalgia, a bit of fun. I would hope by now that Gillan and Blackmore would have grown up and maybe give something back to the fans who have made them multimillionaires and supported them over the years. No band that i can think of, whether they have had multiple line up changes or not has managed to keep themselves as the most popular/best selling bands around, so i dont think it is fair to criticise purple for carrying on making music and touring. Yes some of their albums may have been duff along the way-abandon- for example, and i do agree having seen purple live recently that it is a bit of a perpetual greatest hits package when you see them live rather than playing more recent material.

    Is it heresy but i have always much preferred purple to zeppelin. i think a one off reunion wouldn't be such a bad thing.


  • I didn`t mean to come across as negative, i know that if there was a reunion tour for MK2 or MK3. I would be first in line to get a ticket , however, it can only be pure nostalgia and is not really of any lasting artistic merit.

    Whilst it would only take place if the money was right and surely that should not be the key motivating factors. It should be a thank you for the support of fans and the fans money other the past 35 years.

    Surely it is far better to listen to and support the current work of former band members like Glenn which is top class and has resulted in a wide variety of excellent albums. Whilst other ex members like Jon and Ritchie new work may not be to every ones taste but is different and shows they are prepared to move beyond the confines of hard rock.

  • Based upon the last snakes tour I can't see the point of a MK III reunion, DC's voice has been great in the past but it seems way past it's best in the rock arena, he would still kill an audience singing blues numbers though (enter Neil, Micky and Bernie).

    So that leaves a reunion with our main man on Bass and Vocals, great idea but that would not be MK III.

    Just one last thing, a MK III reunion would also stop Glenn doing his solo stuff and our chance of watching him up close in the smaller venues, do we want to loose that, not me for one.
    Seasons greetings to you all :)

  • HI

    Not looking for any longterm commitment, would just be a bit of fun. Agree with you completely Iain that there would not be any artisitic merit!! Would definitely not want to lose Glenn's solo work :eek: :rolleyes:


  • Paul: I think we all agree it'd be great fun to see, but I think we all fear some assault and battery
    could occur ;) !

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • A couple of shows and a DVD would do it for me, then back to solo work. I think Glenn has too much to offer on his own, wouldn't want to see him spending too much time playing the classics.

    Now, if there would also be some new music made in the Purple context or as a project with Jon, David, Ritchie, that would be a different story. Maybe not trying to recreate the old spirit but do something completely different than Purple...

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • Arnito

    Agree that with Ritchie happy playing a different style of music, and Glenn always being the chameleon of sound and style, some completely new style of music collaboration could be fresh and exciting. Not sure if DC, and i love DC and the Snake, would be able to bring anything new to the mix.


  • agree with this and agree with your remark about DC.. but if there's a reunion it's WITH David for recreate the wonderful vocals duet Coverdale/Hughes !! :clapper: :clapper:

  • I have no interest in a DP reunion of any sort. I've really lost interest in the franchise since the 1985. As great as the reunion album was, the magic died for me with the final riffs of the Perfect Strangers tour. As for Blackmore, well, no comment here.

    Wouldn't it be better to see a Whitesnake reunion featuring the DC/Moody/Marsden/Murray/Lord/Paice lineup?

    Or a Coverdale-Hughes collaboration. That would be my biggest thrill.

    It will never compare with the impact of the LZ reunion show but how much traction could a DP MK3 (or even MK2, at this point) reunion really attain?


  • Whats up my frends out there...Glenn/// David sings together in a full packed Wemley arena / Thats my dream :D and Ian Paice, If its up too Ian he just cant say no :clapper: That would be great..

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