Cologne, Germany 1975

  • Hey leuke foto's, nooit eerder gezien! Nice stuff. Cool to know that also in 1975 GH fans drove down to Cologne from Holland to catch their some groovy music live.


  • Yes, David, the (above) photograph of Glenn wearing a Pilgrim hat
    (obviously stolen from Ritchie Blackmore) suggests to me that
    there should be a new section of the Picture Gallery called:

    Glenn wearing strange hats!

    My personal favorite is the famous photo of that fuzzy white hat (?)
    that kind of looks like a baby polar bear is getting comfortable
    on top of Glenn's head. How about it? :lol:

  • That hat belongs to Achim Schreiner these days, doesn't it...?!

    No chris.............
    I believe that your friend Achim is wearing a hat
    stolen from Ms. Margaret Hamilton, perhaps somewhat
    better known as "The Wicked Witch of the West."

  • Awesome pix. Does the supplier have a good story to share? :)

    Well, coincidentally, yes :cool:

  • Wow what a great's a dream come true! :)

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

  • Quote from rene

    Every time he plays in Holland or Germany, I'm there.

    But have you had a "meet and greet" with Glenn since then?

    Betcha' this time around, GH would be happy to meet a "vintage" fan like you.

    Great story.........

  • Some of you guys know it, cos I told them long ago. I was about 4 and a half year old when I saw DP the first time and it was also in Spring 1975 in Saarbruecken, Germany.

    I do not have LARGE memories of it but I do remember certain images and an overall LOUD sound!! LOL

    I remember seeing Ritchie there the first time in my life, sitting on the shoulders of my father at that time.

    I guess nowadays, noone would let a 4,5 year kid into such an arena anymore :) But back then, people were different (thank God).

    It was a major experience for me tho. I was infected by rock music.

    Next time I saw Purple was on the 85 tour where Gillans voice was dramatically shot. It was just one year after I saw Rainbow the very first time.

    Maybe thats why I have still a strong connection to the Mark III lineup.

    Unfortunately, my dad passed away the same spring due to an auto accident tho.

    But life goes on, it always does....

    Merry Christmas to you all!

  • Maybe thats why I have still a strong connection to the Mark III lineup.

    Sure, I heard Deep Purple's "Hush" and "Smoke on the Water" on the radio,
    but I had NO CLUE who these guys were. It wasn't until....I SAW CALIFORNIA JAM....
    on television, that I connected to these people on stage.

    That was the MK III line-up?
    The "classic" MK II line-up was before that?
    Never heard of it.

    To me (and to an awful lot of other people, I would think)


    Unfortunately, my dad passed away the same spring due to an auto accident tho.
    But life goes on, it always does....

    Sorry to hear of you loss, Achim, but I bet your Dad would smile, if he knew how
    "taking his kid to the DP concert" has remained one of your best memories with him.

    * Yeah, it does. Whether we want it to, or not.

  • Thanks, Grace. Im pretty sure your right in that :)

    Speaking about Purple, the interesting thing was that I lost track on DP for several years (lol...takes no wonder at that age) and the first time I did really listen (closely) to them again was after my brother presented me "IN ROCK" to my 11th birthday.

    When talking about Mk II there was never any doubt for me which was the absolutely TOP album for me (others may think different, of course) and that is "In Rock".

    That album did so much at that time and had such a large impact on the music scene, I would think even more than "Machine Head".

    Every lineup had its good and strong and its weak points of course.

    Even Im a loyal fan of Mk III & IV, I would be silly to say seriously theres would have been no good music of Mk II. This would be ridiculous.

    Of course there was.

    "Made In Japan" is still THE album when Im in the mood of listening to some of the best Blackmore leads which are out there.

    I still am curious to know how a possible 2nd album with Bolin would have sounded like. I guess, we will never really know but THAT would have been HIGHLY interesting.

  • Dear Administrator!

    Is it possible to ask Rene Veldhoen from what he was known that "Ritchie Blackmore had told the band the day before, that he would quit Purple" (March 29th 1975)???


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