Great Job David

  • David,
    Every year you give us this outstanding, festive Christmas theme, and every year I get a big smile from it. I just think this theme is fantastic !!!! THANKS !!!!!

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Last time I logged in I was thinking "hmm, I wonder if they change to christmas theme one of these days" and here it is now. Thanks, looks nice! How about some Soulful Christmas for the jukebox? Demands, demands...;)

    By the way David & Shirean, this website as a whole is just the best a GH fan could ask for, thank you!

    Good luck with the weather everyone, here in Lapland it looks a bit uncertain whether it's going to be a white christmas or not.

  • Seeing that I'll be spending Christmas here this year, I was hoping to have some of the balmy weather we've had in the previous years...alas, all we've had is cold, rain and thunderstorms. *does best Bing Crosby imitation* I'm dreaming of a warm Christmas...:D

    In this crazy world you must change yourself....

    Never compare yourself to others - people are more screwed up than you think.

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