Glenn to play bass on Michael Schenker album w. dream line up?! - wow!

  • Singer GARY BARDEN Rejoins MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP - Dec. 5, 2007
    Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker is currently setting up a concert tour under the banner MICHAEL SCHENKER & FRIENDS. The trek will include stops in almost all of UK's rock clubs starting on January 10 and stretching as far as March.

    In other news, Schenker is planning to release a new MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP (MSG) album in April, to be followed by a world tour. Entitled "In the Midst of Beauty", the CD will feature the following lineup:

    Gary Barden - Vocals
    Simon Philips (TOTO, THE WHO) - Drums
    Glenn Hughes (DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) - Bass
    Don Airey (DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW) - Keyboards

    A tour featuring Barden on vocals will kick off following the album release.

    According to a posting on the Michael Schenker News and Tour Information web site, has announced the following UK dates for Michael Schenker:

    Jan. 10 - Swindon, UK - 12 Bar Swindon
    Feb. 17 - Bristol, UK - Thekla
    Feb. 09 - Manchester, UK - Manchester University

    Michael Schenker's UK tour this past summer was cut short due to a "multitude of events beyond the band's control, including Michael's," according to a posting on Schenker's MySpace page.

    Schenker's final gig in the UK took place on August 3 in Stourbridge, U.K. when Michael ended up calling off the concert after only a handful of songs.

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  • This could be wonderful - if Michael Schenker were on top form.
    :bouncer: :)
    But when I saw him support the Scorpions earlier this year he could hardly stand up let alone play - he appeared to be completely out of his head. It was rather embarrassing and incredibly sad to watch. The Scorps completely blew him away - his brother put him to shame :( :( :(

    The CD sounds good - now if they could tour with that line-up....... :D :D :D

  • It's a bit weird they posted this news (on Blabbermouth?) since G was approached about this project a few days ago.

    I'm happy to hear he will stay in focus on his own music.


  • I was doing a search for Michael Schenker the other night and perused his website; saw the info about Glenn playing on his new CD and immediately had my doubts given that therewas no mention of it here. I know we would have heard it here first! :thumbup:

    Glenn's statement is hardly surprising.....he has his own muse to follow!

    There was that clip of Steve Vai that was posted here a few months back with someone overdubbing their guitar store noodling....Pretty damn funny! What wasn't so funny was the You Tube clip of Michael Schenker playing live in the UK and he was obviously having an off night....

    It is a shame that such talent must have to fight with so many demons.

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • Thank Heaven. I was shocked when I read that at blabbermouth, and couldn't see it being true.

    Michael used to be great, but now he's lost in his demons...

  • dont get me wrong you guys but glenn hughes was supposed to just play bass while gary barden sang?---say whatttt????????????/

  • Insert Gary Moore into Michael's position and have Glenn cover all the vocals and maybe we can talk buisiness...............

    well again, maybe not? :p

    so light a candle in the window.......
    i will be coming home tonite

  • Thank goodness this is false. I even posted something on Glenn's My Space Blog Page saying "thank You for telling me this is not true" :D

    Michael Schenker is a disaster in the midst of happening :mad: He decides not to show some nights, he thinks he is being followed by ex-girlfriends (read it a few years back on his website) and stiffed Leslie West and Mountain a few years back on a tour. My advice to Michael is get a grip and try something new and exciting, like culinary arts or wallpaper hanging :D at least then if you don't show up or are 'not in the mood' to work you just get fired and no one else is the worse for your actions save a few.

    I go back to a trip to see MSG in 2005 in Virginia, flew in and he did not show. Nothing like leaving Florida for Virginia in the winter for no reason at all :mad: I could go on about how happy I am that Glenn is too professional for the crap that would have undoubtedly occurred had there been a collaboration :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • I think it would be a cool project, along the lines of the first MSG album, which featured a stellar lineup who appeared on the album only, and did not tour. Glenn is a creative bass player, and would bring something unique to the music even if he wasn't singing.

    Having said that, Michael has built a reputation as hard to work with, unstable in more ways than one and often disinterested in recording some of his own work. So unless he was really putting an effort into a new album, all the guests in the world couldn't polish it up into something special. Gary Barden's presence will certainly help in the songwriting, though.

    I know Michael has a reputation for cancelling shows, playing late, leaving early and what have you...but of the four times I've seen him, he's given wonderful performances, there were no cancellations, and he was gracious when I got to meet him several of those times as well. I must have had exceptional luck, eh?


    PS Yes, I know Glenn's first priority is his new album, and that's as it should be. But I still think an album with Schenker would be intriguing...besides, Glenn's own album plans weren't derailed when he worked on the Quiet Riot 'Rehab' album, or the Moscow mayor's album, or the Brazen Abbot album, or the Ken Hensley album...or...or...

  • G I don't understand all the mean posts, alcoholism is a disease that takes over your life, loves, decisions, etc.

    The posts are not 'mean' nor a reflection on alcoholism and how some people handle it and others, well, just do not. Michael has more problems than just drinking, and, though my brother Todd has had good experience with Michael, others have just seen him as a boorish ass. Michael cannot expect to keep much of a fan base when he pulls the stunts he does, and, falsely claims on HIS OWN WEBSITE that Glenn Hughes IS playing on his new album :confused:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Gotta question:

    did or did not Glenn lay down bass parts for a new Schenker album?

    Schenkers website gives a line-up for a forthcoming album.....

  • I guess you missed what's been said earlier about this very subject...;)

    Per Glenn himself, that "news" was news to him too! LOL He was indeed approached about it, but had declined the offer.


  • i still have my ticket from the cancelled UK tour Glenn was gonna do with Schenker!

    Based on what happened this year with MS on tour I think Glenn is right to decline. He has been on the up for years while Michael has, sadly, been going the other way faster.
    He's an amazing legacy with UFO and MSG he can be proud of though.

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