Favourite albums 2006-2007

  • What are your favourite albums of 2006 and 2007 ?.
    Mine are ;

    Glenn Hughes - Music For The Divine
    Macy Gray - Big
    Prince -Planet Earth
    Corinne Bailey Rae -Corinne Bailey Rae
    David Jordan - Set The Mood
    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium


  • 2007

    Jeff Young: Songs From a Red Wurlitzer
    Pink Cream 69: In10sity
    Old Man Brown: Self Titled
    Toto: Falling In Between

    That's The Way It Is

    Chambersburg, PA, USA

  • Not all but a few:

    Toto Falling in Between:

    the king of all kings, best album of the past two years. The songs, the singing, the ideas, the words, the production, the guitar playing, the arrangements, guitar playing, bass, keyboards, drums, sounds, this is an unbelievable achievement.

    Springsteen Magic, at first didn't seem as good as the Rising now I like it even better.

    Hole in the Sun, Nightranger:

    the album of 2007, great songs, spirited playing and not just copies of Sister Christian and their old stuff.

    Fogerty Revival:

    Despite the silly hype about this album it is not as good as Deja Vu or his masterpiece Blue Moon Swamp but it is still very good and gets better with every play. I hate quotes about how all recent albums were not that good, the artist wasn't really "being himself" and this is the best ever every time an artist comes out with a new one, that's BS!

    Biggest disappointment:

    Joe Lynn Turner's new one. The songs are good but the horrible production and one of the weakest, worst recorded drum sounds captured in the past few years on any album ruins it for me. I don't know how they could screw it up that bad when the Usual Suspects was so good in that dept. This sucks!


  • Of course, the latest studio album from Glenn :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
    Most definitely in my top 3 fave Glenn albums.

    Other releases I really like:
    The Codex - The Codex (Mark Boals)
    Sunstorm - Sunstorm (joe Lynn Turner)
    Kelly Jones - Only the Names have been Changed
    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
    Giuntini Project - III (Tony Martin)
    Imo we had some great new music the last two years :claphands

  • my choose for 2007

    Live in Australia : Glenn Hughes
    Live in Radio city hall : Black Sabbath (or Heaven an' Hell if you want !!)
    Bloody on the highway : Ken Hensley
    Dark passion play : Nightwish
    Humanity : Scorpions

  • I posted earlier, but just came across this thread... My favorites of '07 can be found in my blog:


    Ayesha, I've heard a lot about Corinne Bailey Rae - I really need to check out her music.

    I'm enjoying Live In Australia, too - it's relaxed, revealing, intimate, and I dig the song selection.


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)

  • ps This is her official website
    You can hear her music there and there is some more Corinne Bailey Rae music on her MySpace page. Just go to MySpace and type in 'Corinne Bailey' in the 'Search' box.


  • Thanks, Ayesha.

    I've been listening to her songs on MySpace, and I really like what I'm hearing...will have to investigate further!


    "I'm a soul singer in a rock genre; I've been trying to break out of the rock thing for years." ~ Glenn Hughes (1993)

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