3 new noises on My Space

  • I have in the last week put up three entirely new songs on the myspace page if anyone would like to check them out. The song "Wake Up and Dream" is my personal favorite I think for instrumental music....I am looking forward to finding me a singer soon so I can get some complete songs up, this is just keeping me busy until I do. Have a listen and Enjoy!


  • Gee, Roger................
    Too bad that you can't be "morphed" into Pat Thrall's body.
    Or Pat Thrall can't be morphed into you.

    Betcha' you could do a site better job of adding guitar parts
    to Hughes~Thrall 2, than is being done now. (Which is nothing.)

    Hughes ~ Williams ~ Part I

    Hey, at this point in time, it sounds pretty good to me.
    And thanks for posting your new music.
    Glenn's gonna' need an opening act for the new US tour...........:)


  • Unbelievable Roger.
    Like Grace's idea here, but personally I think it is best leaving everything as instrumental...it sounds incredible.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Thanks Roger, very nice! "His time not mine" & "Wake up and dream" sound very relaxing, soothing to me. I also think there's no need for lyrics here, these instrumentals have a lot of substance and feeling. Music is a wonderful thing and we, the giftless (or/and lazy?), are blessed to have people like you around :thumbup:

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • Hi Roger,

    great tunes, again!!! I love them!
    The rhythm work on Crow's Nest almost sounds like a Chapman stick (I listened to Toyn Levin's new album 'Stick Man' a lot recently, so I might be biased), great lead sound there too!
    The lead sounds are generally fantastic on all tracks...

    Love Wake Up And Dream too. Is that a Hendrix (Little Wing) reference right at the beginning?
    And that bend at 1'28'' in His Time Not Mine, wow! That one has a great feel to it, as has 335 a.m.

    So when's the Rolling Truck Stones thing gonna stop at your place and you're getting the album done? ;)




  • Thank you very much for listening and commenting, guys! I really, really appreciate it. I am not gigging so this is my only outlet for playing.

    I did not set out to do instrumentals particularly - my initial reason for the myspace page was just to show other musicians that I could play lead guitar... I don't feel like most songs are complete without vocals, but since I am not able to get together with anyone at this point, I am going to try to make the song ideas that I am recording...sound more like songs. LOL. I am looking for a singer/musician to take these ideas and let me rearrange them for completion.

    I will eventually get a band together, but it's going to have to wait a few months. When I get a band together, that's when I'll spend money on recording, because I want to be able to play live exactly what I record, or very close to it.

    No, Chris, no Chapman Stick, just bass, but I played it through an octave device on Crow's Nest and on some slides it gets a unique effect going. May very well be influenced by Angel or Little Wing, although I don't play those songs, I was much influenced my Jimi Hendrix and Robin Trower, both.

    Thanks again, Grace, Arnito, Frank and Christopher. It makes my day (my only payment except the love for it) when I know someone is listening, and makes it worthwhile. My dream is getting it to a wider audience of course, but I will play till I die if there is anyone listening.


  • Two things, Roger...........

    Reading your "My Space" influences ~

    *1. Anybody who writes = Nat King Cole = is OK by me.
    And when you think how most of his music was either
    straight ballads, or snappy jazz trio stuff, it's kind of
    incredible, huh? But that man was in a class by himself.

    My childhood music was Nat King Cole, the Ink Spots,
    the Mills Brothers, [my Dad was obviously color blind]
    opera, opera, Enrico Caruso, Perry Como, [I'm Italian-
    American after all] and more opera.

    And look where we ended up, because we only heard the best?
    At the Glenn Hughes fun house!

    *2. Only ~ THE GOOD STUFF ~ stays in my car.
    - A steady collection of different GH CDs. (No surprise there, huh?)
    - One CD of Russian Orthodox Church Choir music, which I like
    to call: A Capella ~ Basso Profundo to the Max.
    And one guitar instrumental cassette tape, which is always there:
    Jeff Beck ~ Blow by Blow

    Your music SO reminded me of this album, that my brains fell out.
    Either "your" 3 songs are really out-takes from that tape album,
    or you're as good as Jeff Beck. So which is it, cowboy?

    And Frank: Stop suggesting (on Roger's space) that I should be
    the singer for the band. Ha, ha.
    The shock would easily kill you. No ax necessary :axe:


  • Thank you so much, Grace. That is really sweet!:cool:

    Grace is sweet, beautiful, intelligent ... and has the sharpest axe! :p

    ... and you're extremely talented, which I've told you a thousand times. :cool:

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

  • Grace is sweet, beautiful, intelligent ... and has the sharpest axe! :p

    And Shirl is an easily-scared weenie :lol:


    ... and you're extremely talented, which I've told you a thousand times :cool:

    Hey Roger, Shirl is still talking about.....ME........here.
    And she forgot to say that I'm modest, too.

    Seriously......it's kind of intimidating how so many of the GHCP gang
    who post here, are truly talented musicians. But thanks Roger,
    for complimenting my Jeff Beck "ear." Luckily, I have 2.


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