Fireworks Interview November 2007

  • Thanks to good friend and fellow member, James Gaden, here is an interview with GLENN conducted recently for the December/January issue of UK based, Fireworks Magazine (Issue 30).

    Lots of ground covered from Trapeze, Purple, Hughes/Thrall, right up until the present day, including some words about the upcoming solo album due out in the early part of 2008.

    Enjoy :cool:

  • Thanks very much for providing this,David & James (long time no hear :lol: ) - a great read & exciting to learn that a track from Hughes/Thrall II (what is that? ;) ) is going to be on the new album....can't wait!!


    Ben !!

  • A totally great, professional, informative, interview!!!

    Actually, this came across as a conversation between friends,
    which of course, you and Glenn are. And with your total knowledge
    of GH's past discography, there weren't any "no clue" questions.

    You really captured who and where Glenn is now.
    Great job! :rose:

    ...........and we all look forward to lots more posts from you.
    Take care, James ~


    (And thank you so much, for not bringing up the word, "yodel.") :eek:


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