Which Glenn Hughes album do you listen now?

  • Hey Graham!
    Never apologize for liking anything Glenn.
    I too, like The Alchemist from time to time.
    My wife just loves it when Glenn sings that style.
    Been listening to Iommi "Fused", John Norum's "Face The Truth"
    and Trapeze-"Medusa" this week.
    It's really amazing at how varied his music can be.
    Hope he works with Kollman on new album.
    Heard it might be J.J. again. That would be ok I guess but if he's
    going for a real funky rock sound, then J.J. just is the wrong guy
    I think. Kollman, Salas or Kotzen would be ideal or even Mr. Galley now that he's back in the game. I like J.J., It's just that he's more of a Blackmore type player & writer.


  • I am sorry what happened to Glenn with The Alchemist album but it is one of may favorite GH albums. It was kinda new finding that Glenn can do that type of singing too. Just amazing.

  • OK - all this week I have been back on SITKOR. Especially playing Written All Over Your Face. I really am entranced by the amazingly incredible vocals near the end...that last written note...my my...holy cow...friggin' incredible...I am playing hookey from work today (much deserved) and Roger and I just played that part of the song about 10 times in a row. Really feel it all the way through :bow:

  • I have a hard time sitting and listening to Soul Mover or Music For The Divine all the way through, and I can't pinpoint exactly why. I have to listen to a few songs at a time and then switch to something else :confused:

    I reconnected with Return Of Crystal Karma and Building The Machine recently, especially BTM. Great songs, great vocals...a different take on the funk aspect than on Glenn's most recent albums.


    This is similar to my feelings. Soul Mover does make car trips and I do like MFTD. But I don't love these albums, and usually when they are put away, I don't think about them too much after. SITKOR is my current favorite that blows me away every time and also the same is for The Way It Is, both those are the most frequently played, usually I warm my voice up on the way to gigs with them.


  • The Glenn Hughes albums I listen to the most are Music For The Divine, Play Me Out, Soul Mover, Face The Truth (with John Norum) and You Are The Music We're Just The Band (with Trapeze) :) They are my favourite GH albums too :) :) :) :)


  • All the versions of Coast to coast are the top of the hill funk rock music and of course the stratosphere in vocal scale.

    Big Papa pull out all the stops :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    Now i'm listen live and learn and miracle with brazen abbot...fantastic example to the glenn's magic voice :singer: :singer:

    :thumbup: ANGEL :thumbup:

    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

  • Addiction for me at the moment

    Justified Man and the title track have stood the time very well & remain some of Glenn's best songs imo

  • From now on at this moment !! very very amazing album !!

    Me, too, today! I really love that song.

    I now have a little cd thief, though. The other day I was listening to Burning Japan Live with my son in the van. When we pulled up in the drive way, he ejected the cd, got out of the van and said "I got myself a brand new cd." LOL Never should have got him his own cd player....but now I know where to look when I am missing one of my GH cd's :lol:

  • Songs in The Key of Rock and Soul Mover spend much time on the player. SITKOR is still my number one ,though Soul Mover is a very close second.

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • for me, this week i've been big on fused and building the machine. also i must say that i do love to cheat some and make my own versions of "greatest hits" . depending on what kind of mood i'm in, these can be funky, hard, or just plain ol'damn cool rock n roll

    :cool: :claphands

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