Which Glenn Hughes album do you listen now?

  • Funny to tell us which album do you listen at this moment !! (all his career of course !)
    For me it's Songs in the key of rock !! :clapper: :clapper:

  • Coming back from work today, a song was playing in my head: "hear the sound of, distant ages....". So, I got home and just listened to Black Sabbath - Seventh Star. I really love this album, a lot feeling in the songs.

  • Interesting question...............

    Right now, it's "The Work Tapes."

    I like to get something from the shelf that I haven't listened to recently.
    The next Glenn CD to be "spotlighted" after this one, might be anything.............

    Gotta' know all the lyrics to all the songs, so I'll be prepared to sing along,
    for the GH return shows in New York.


  • Today I listened to Hughes/Thrall. Love that album.

    A few days ago I threw in "Feel" Been in a funk rock mood lately.

    Last week I played the '91 Un-released Warner Bros. album.

    I also love that one. Lot of good songs & vocals on it.

    Galleyfan :clapper:

  • I have a hard time sitting and listening to Soul Mover or Music For The Divine all the way through, and I can't pinpoint exactly why. I have to listen to a few songs at a time and then switch to something else :confused:

    I reconnected with Return Of Crystal Karma and Building The Machine recently, especially BTM. Great songs, great vocals...a different take on the funk aspect than on Glenn's most recent albums.


  • Addiction,,,, rihgt now. its my personal best album Glenn have done:claphands I dont wanna live that way again :eek: The best song ever :bow:

  • Like Tipper I'm a huge fan of Addiction and I just can't stop listening to M4TD since it's release.

    Trapeze's You Are the Music..We're Just the Band is a regular to my cd player too :)

  • Over the last week or so I've been listening to You Are The Music We're Just The Band a lot. I think it's still the best mix of rock/funk that Glenn's done. I never tire of hearing Way Back To The Bone blasting out of my speakers.

  • Live in Australia, the DVD.
    I watch a couple of songs from the Acoustic set whenever I have a little spare time, e.g. last night after the Medusa rehearsal with the band mates!

  • I was putting my Glenn back catalogue on my Ipod the other day and rediscovered Returm Of Crystal Karma - Midnight Meditated and This Life really stand out for me !!!

  • Boy, this is a great "thread."

    Showcasing our boy's multi-talented, different "styles."

    Of course, the same thing could be said about us GHCPs :lol:

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