Better late than never ...

  • I have had these thoughts going around in my head all week but been too busy with work and assignments to get on here and make any sense!

    I was on a high all day Friday, and the closer I got to Bradford (well, Leeds first to drop off mine and my daughters’ belongings at a friend’s house) the closer I was getting to seeing and hearing the Voice of Rock yet again. As soon as I walked in the door at Rio’s I was met by the smiling face of Chris and his lady Lyn and then turned around to see Shirean, David, Keith, Pete (such a pity Shel couldn’t make it), Dave and James – what a great feeling that was. And a great venue – not been here for years.

    It seemed such a long time since Whiter Shade of Pale in Nottingham last year, but as soon as Glenn appeared on stage it seemed like only yesterday. As soon as he kicked in with In My Blood there was uproar. My daughters had waited a long time to finally hear our man live and after the end of the first song said ‘God, he’s brilliant.’ Yes, he is. My youngest daughter was in her absolute element when he did You Keep On Moving (add another one to the list, Grace). I could never ever tire of hearing the classics, and it was great to be singing along to Written All Over Your Face. One of the forum members commented some months ago that this song is too long, but I closed my eyes and was consumed by Glenn’s voice and JJ’s guitar playing. I turned around occasionally to the sea of faces to see their reaction – they seemed to be either hypnotic or ecstatic. A mind-blowing show and a very accommodating Glenn, Gabi and JJ after the show.

    How could it get any better than last night? It did, at JBs in Dudley. This venue does seem to have everything – good people, wonderful atmosphere – and a great dance floor! Blue Jade is under my skin after hearing it tonight. I hoped for a second that Glenn would follow it with I Don’t Want To Live That Way Again – an absolute classic. If we’d had THREE hours of Glenn, the die-hards would indeed be saying ‘but he didn’t play, and he didn’t play’ (Mike McCrock) because you just cannot ever get enough of our man’s voice. I played a few albums to a girlfriend at a bike show in summer and she was smitten enough to make sure she came to these gigs. She was blown away by every second of this show and talked about it almost all the way through the night!! I think James was indeed in his element by the end of this show, and he never fainted!

    I wasn’t impressed by the Junction the following evening, unfortunately. It felt very much like a school sports hall, or was it just the Sunday atmosphere that lingers in most UK venues (doormen waiting to usher you out on the last note)? We were treated to an awesome show yet again though, albeit much shorter than the two previous nights. Glenn’s voice was exceptional tonight, JJ’s guitar playing was a pleasure to behold and Tomas seemed to be having the best time! It was absolutely wonderful to be able to watch Glenn and the band playing for a third night in a row, and an honour to spend time with them after the show.

    I cannot put into words the pride I felt at being part of the GH ‘family’ again for a few days. A pity I never got to meet up with Fedor at the London gig, but last-minute problems prevented me from getting there. I look forward very much to meeting up with you all again next year. This year seems to have been another turning point for Glenn. Perhaps next year his voice will embrace even more followers, young and old(er)?

    A few more syllables there for you Glenn. I love you too, brother – very much. Your words will carry me always.

    And yes Keith – this man is indeed the best of the best.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '


    WOW, We see that you had a really magical night, dont worry, this magic will repeat soon. Glenn will tour again next year and he loves to com to UK and Spain .
    Take care and speak soon


  • Thanks, girls. A magical THREE nights!!!

    There will be something in the post to you very soon.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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