GH & Robin George: Sweet Revenge

  • ...Glenn was looking for a good direction but wasn't sure which path to follow...I think i read somewhere that the record company wanted him to pursue a kind of Thomas dolby kind of approach...

    I'd like this album to be released on his pink cloud label or something..i really like some of the tracks on the record...Don't come crying...Things have got to change... spring to mind

  • i've the boot of this and i havent listened to it for ages but i seem to recall that i wasnt too impressed with it. that could be because of the poor quality of the boot tho!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • i've the boot of this and i havent listened to it for ages but i seem to recall that i wasnt too impressed with it. that could be because of the poor quality of the boot tho!

    That's the White Soul Rocking Black boot, I suppose? Me too, I haven't listened to this in a very long time, but I do remember that I wasn't too impressed with this either. The unused H/T 2 demo tracks were great though! :cool:
    This very boot is actually missing the track 'Things Have Gotta Change', and I had to get it even more illegally (Napster) ;)



  • No Chris.

    I actually have 2 different cds of this.

    "in the studio 91 (NOMIS)" includes all 11 tracks including Things have gotta change.

    Also have "Welcome to the Lost World" which is part of a double cd which again includes all the 11 tracks plus others with dokken, Geoff downes, Manfred Ehlert and Gary Moore.

    We can compare notes in March!

    :ghcp: "It's in my blood"

  • Yes Wolfy... I have "Welcome to the lost world" too.. a lot of very good songs inside !! I really like Moore demos and Dokken demos !! :thumbup:

  • Hi All,

    Amazon UK have 'Sweet Revenge' available for pre-order (release date 14th January)

    Worth buying for the great vocal on 'Things Have Gotta Change'

    Stay Fun(ky)
    Mikey D

  • I'm very glad it's released. I bought the Highlander record when it came out and played Haunted many, many times.
    I love Glenns vocals on that song.

  • Hello Everyone!
    Hope you all had a great Xmas.
    I really liked the '91 WB demos.
    Songs like, "Real World", "Don't Come Crying","Homeland"
    and "The American Way" are pretty good songs.
    The copy I have is pretty good & I have a tape of
    some of the songs from a friend which is best I heard yet.
    I look forward to hearing a clean version of some of the songs
    and I notice that some weren't on the copies going around.
    galleyfan :thumbup:


  • Isn't the Robin George CD that is about to be released different from the sessions that have become known as the Warner Brothers Sessions?

    I seem to remember an interview with Robin George where he said he wanted to put the unreleased work out although Glenn wasn't enthusiastic about the whole thing?

    Just trying to keep my coconuts straight....;)

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • No doubt, there's a question mark on this one. The cover art has Glenn's name on it, though, so maybe this material is finally getting an official release.

    Still, knowing a bit about what has held it up for so long, frankly I'm quite surprised to see that it might be finally coming out, and I can't help but wonder if it's an official release or...


  • Hmmm, feels like another "Alchemist" release - someone is definitely cashing in on the back of Glenn's name and reputation.

    As Bill said earlier, he wasn't too enthusiastic, when asked about this possibly getting a release, when the rumblings first started a while back, that this might see the light of day.

    If you can, DON'T BUY THIS CD. Glenn is not going to see a penny from it, well, not until his lawyers are involved.

    Yet again he's being ripped off and no doubt extremely annoyed and sickened at the length some people will go to, to be complete jackasses!

    So people, avoid this. If this material is ever released the way it should be, you'll see it from Glenn and only Glenn.

  • I agree that Glenn's name should not be on the cover.
    But as far as I know, Glenn didn't help write any of these
    tracks. That is why Robin is putting them out. That is why
    certain ones are missing from the sessions which Mel & Glenn
    and Pat Thrall wrote. I believe Robin has every right to put them
    out but needs to pay Glenn for his vocals & since he was dumb
    enough to give him equal billing on cover, then he needs to split
    all money made with Glenn. But why should he wait for Glenn to
    put the songs out when we know he has no intention to do so.
    I know that Robert Plant sang most of tracks in other sessions
    as well so Robin should have put some with both of them out
    and only called it a Robin George album.
    Just my opinion. I look more foreward to the new album.
    and perhaps the 2nd Hughes/Thrall.

    :huh: galleyfan


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