GH & Robin George: Sweet Revenge

  • as webmaster for
    I would like to set the record straight on this release
    it is not a sanctioned release or promoted by robin on his site

    he is trying to get this release stopped in this format.

    robin does want this released properly BUT only with glenns cooperation

    the tracks these guys are trying to release are some of the sessions glenn did at robins studios in 1990.

    the lp does deserve to be released as it contains some great songs I would add that they are totally different from the robert plant sessions

    I will post onto the news page at the letter to majestic trying to validate this release.

    I hope this clears up Robins position in regards to the release of sweet revenge

    roy cooke

  • That's a great response, Roy!
    Welcome onboard.

    I was checking out Robin's site only yesterday and wondering why the release was not advertised. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Yet Robin has been involved with Majestic Rock in the past (Crying Diamonds) and with Zoom Club (Rock of Ageists) before that - same people, aren't they?

    Why are they releasing Sweet Revenge without his and Glenn's license when it's totally clear who they are and both Glenn & Robin could actually sue them?

  • Christian,

    thanks for your message, Robin has no idea why they are doing this and only found out a few weeks ago.

    i have been lucky enough to hear these trax they are pretty awesome, i remember glenn was staying with me around that time and was really enthusiastic about the whole project.

    I have some fond if a bit mad memories of Glenn esecially at a gig in walthamstow with the drummer from iron maiden and a gig at the marquee when he joined a band (whose name i can't remember) to do stevies wonders superstition

    lets hope


    roy :cool:

  • First of all.....thanks David, for deleting that post, as I requested.

    But I'm still confused about this CD: Sweet Revenge :1:

    Is it 10 songs taken from "White Soul Rockin' Black" with the
    "snap, crackle and pop" removed by somebody, other than Glenn
    or Robin George? Or is it just a "burned version" of that CD?

    PS........My copy of WSRB has 16 tracks. And I apoligize, Glenn.
    I really didn't know it was a bootleg when I bought it, years ago.

  • Artist Shop Newsletter is sent to me at least once a week for new releases they have and I found this:

    Coming soon from Infinity

    Robin George & Glen Hughes/Sweet Revenge ....CD $18.99
    Krescendo - This is a very special release for lovers of melodic hard rock
    and fans of the enigma that is Glenn Hughes in particular. Recorded in 1989,
    these previously unreleased songs, written and produced by Robin George and
    recorded in his studio in Wolverhampton, UK, were the first step on the road
    back to the top for Glenn Hughes after his time in Black Sabbath. Mixing
    hard rock with the tougher side of blue eyed soul (a sound that he was to
    make his own in the '90s), the voice is excellent, the songs are second to
    none and the production and playing by Robin George are all that you would
    expect from a man with a reputation for excellence in the rock world. That
    these songs have remained unreleased for as long as they have is little
    short of a crime. Be thankful, then, that they are finally available.

    Does anybody know about this and does Glenn get anything from this?

  • David,

    sweet revenge is not the same as the wtmw bootleg and is 10 of the 13 demos done by robin and glenn at robins studio and not the warners mix of the tracks.

    at present robin is trying to stop its release but is not having much joy as krescendo (formally majestic japan) are releasing it from Japan without licence, meaning that neither artist will receive any royalties unless they sue.

    the quality is fantastic and production is not a snap crackle and pop, glenns vocals and robins playing/production are sublime :claphands

    I understand that fans will want a copy and hope that there is enough pressure put on krescendo to ensure this goes out properly licenced and not as what is effectively a bootleg

    :confused: as i have stated previously Robin and i am sure glenn would like this to be done when they both agree the time is right and when proper royalties are paid and not "lost in japan" not when glenn is due to have a new release as is also the case with robin.


    roy cooke
    webmaster for

  • Unfortunately Krescendo have gone ahead and released this in japan and the states illegally ( i think their new logo "were only in it for the money"says it all) against the wishes of both artists neither of whom will make any money if you buy a copy

    The only hope is that it will gernate some media interest for both Glenn and Robin's official new releases

    Krescendo have stopped replying to any correspondence in this matter.

    They have also done the same to Marshall Law so they are genuinely confirmed Buzzards or something simliar



  • I have this CD now and I have to say it is good to get it officially. Inside the cover is DOES say LICENCED BY ROBIN GEORGE - how true that is I don't know. I know we are encouraged not to buy stuff like this but the sound is awsome - its either remixed from the bootleg stuff I have or THAT bootleg is so muddy that it makes this "official" release sound so good and refreshed.
    I would gladly pay Glenn and Robin their share of royalties that they have missed out on from my copy.


  • if glenn and Robin arent getting any money from this then the label shouldnt either - make all the tracks available as mp3's on here instead!

  • ??????Strange??????

    Nope, dpf, not strange,..............just UK biological clones of Glenn.
    Those are 2 guys from the famous "Hughes Quintuplets" *
    who all sing together on numerous GH records....harmony, back-up, etc.
    I believe that the first guy is Ben Hughes, and the other guy is Len Hughes.

    Glenn ~ the Original ~

    *Ben~ Len~ Ken~ Zen~ (the Buddist) and Jen~ (who sings the high notes).

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