• Hughes&Thrall out in earley 2008,I read thatON A BIG download site....:thumbup: Is that true :huh: well we hope so.Its about time :bow: ...Gribban

  • Two phrases come to mind...the first being "Don't believe everything you read." The second is "Believe half of what you see, and none of what you read." :p

    Here's what I think needs to happen, if we're to see or hear Hughes/Thrall 2 in this lifetime. Glenn's gotta pry that material out from under the stack of whatever Pat Thrall's working on that keeps taking precedence - and bear in mind, he has more high profile recording projects added to his plate every day. Glenn's gotta tell Pat "Look, you're simply too busy to finish this - let me wrap up the material we have recorded, and put this out. Let's not waste the work we have put into it."


    On a mostly unrelated note, Pat Thrall appears on Joe Bonamassa's last album in a guitar soloing capacity on one song.


  • The problem is that what's left to do is Pat's guitar parts - and you can't finish a H/T album with the 'T' playing on it! It's in his court, he has everything in his studio to get it done - all GLENN's parts are done.

    There's an interview with GLENN in an upcoming issue of Fireworks Magazine where he goes into more depth on the subject. So expect to read that soon :cool:

    Meantime, I'm sure we'll hear something from it next year in one form or another ;) and don't forget to visit www.hughesthrall.comhttp://www.hughesthrall.com where updates are posted periodically and be sure and leave a message for Pat Thrall via the Interact section, to encourage him to hurry up and get it finished :eek: :thumbup:

  • I must admit that much as I'm eager to hear new Hughes/Thrall material, part of me is slightly afraid as well :eek: The reason? Well the debut release is such a classic & has the added 'legendary' status, given that it's an (ulp!) quarter of a century old, that I am concerned that a new product, so long after the original, might not live up to the 'hype' as it were. Don't get me wrong, I love all things Glenn, and have no doubt in his abilities whatsoever (and would buy a new H/T album as soon as it came out), but part of me is still a bit worried. Anyone else?


  • I'm agree with you Tarquin !! it's really a big problem to have a new album after 25 years !! music changes and Hughes/Thrall concept must change too !! How ? that's the question ...

  • I have always sort of thought that Glenn's Feel album was sort of a Hughes/Thrall II cd. Pat Thrall performs the guitar parts to 7 of the 11 tracks. (12 if you have the Japanese version) Pat Thrall gets a co-writing credit on two tracks. Since it's release, I have always thought that Feel is really a follow-up to H/T.

    I think a H/T II cd would likely sound like a Glenn solo cd. I am sure Pat's guitar would be distinct, but I doubt it would sound like an album that they made 25 years ago. But let's face it, even if it sounds like a Glenn solo cd...............that's fine with me.

    I would just like to hear it. The songs are likely becoming dated already, as they were likely written years ago.

    If there were a record deal in place for the album, it would likely get finished in record time.

  • The first album is an all time classic. With the amount of writing and performing with each new release and with Glenn's career now reaching and deservedly so new "horizons", and touring many different parts of the world in support of his up and coming new material, i wonder if Glenn will have time for a 2nd one?

  • They need to finish this album. It will be just fine. Will it be a classic like the first? Probably not, but i'll wager that it will still be a great album. How can any of you say you are worried that it may not be good enough. This is Glenn we are talkin' about. It needs to be finished because Glenn has too many half done & unfinished albums from over the years just sitting somewhere collecting dust on some shelf. I for one would love to hear them :thumbup:


  • Hughes/ Thrall was a masterpiece in '82 . And I' m sure H/T 2 will be also a high quality album and not only a slight return of the first album. So come on , Pat give the fans what they are waiting for so long !!!!!! :confused:

    I know that I've been sometimes wrong
    I feel my faith is growing strong
    There is a place that I belong
    These are the days of avalon


  • :huh: :confused:

    i wish I see another hughez/thrall album in my life time :mad:

    come on paaaaaat please

    we should sign a petition on the internet to complete this second hughes/thrall :eek:

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