• Todd & Angie--

    Congratulations to you both ,we can only imagine the joy and awe you must feel. Been trying to call you, but the number was changed... now we know what you've been up to... All the best.

    Love from,

    Kenny & Carolyn :clapper:

  • Hi Todd,

    Heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife, this is great news. Great name as well for the little miracle. Hope you will enjoy the moments of tenderness where dependent little eyes start discovering the world and his proud parents.

    warm regards

  • Wow! Todd- I had no idea you two were expecting! That's great news- congrat's to both you and Angie, fine lookin' baby! And I do know what you mean about the birthing experience- it's pretty amazing!


  • Thanks to everyone for their warm wishes - they're much appreciated! Calen and Mommy are doing fine, and it looks like we'll be headed home tomorrow - a little later than we hoped, but it's all good.

    And Chip - if Calen joins us, it could become the very fitting CTC Roadshow! :thumbup:


  • Congratulations, Todd - that's wonderful news, what a beautiful baby!
    My mother regularly mentions the 14 hours labor that I cost her, but 17, that's three more :eek: ... please say hello to Angie aswell, congratulations... well done! You two must be very proud.

    Oh, and I totally second that comment with the hair! :D

    Very kind regards...

    P.S. Is there a story you'd like to share about how you decided on the baby's name, Calen? Just curious...



  • You asked for it...THE NAME GAME.

    When Angie and I started thinking of names for our baby, and where to turn for name ideas, we each had some general parameters. She suggested names that could be shortened into nicknames. (For example, "Dominic" could be "Dom", "Nick", etc.) I prefered to steer away from Biblical names - no saints or apostles. And no references to other family members. You can imagine how silly I felt when our top five name list at one time had "Nicholas", "Vincent" and "Dominic" on it - all saints! :huh: LOL Go figure...

    One of the first things I did was pull up lists of English and Irish names on the Internet. I figured we might find something of interest, and which might not be so common here in America. I had the name Calen bouncing around in my head for one reason or another, and it appeared on the Irish lists. The more it got tossed around, the more Angie liked it as much as I did. The Irish meanings are "slim/slender" and "powerful in battle". The Scottish meaning we've found is "victorious people".

    The name "Nicholas" was among our top choices until we checked the Social Security name registration lists, and found "Nicholas" rising to the top of recent years' name lists like a hit song up the music charts. But we did still like the name, and decided to make it the middle name.

    An interesting side note: one listing I found for "Calen" noted that it is a Scottish form of the name "Nicholas" :eek:

    So if you've managed to stick it out til the end of this post - there you have it!


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