Wakeman, Emerson & Squire to open Led Zeppelin Reunion

  • The Led Zeppelin Reunion is a story of its own, but there's more fantastic news as the warm up has been announced...
    Anyone got a 1000 quid an a fast finger for last second bids on eBay? :D

    This is from The Classic Rock Society:

    Wakeman, Emerson & Squire to open Led Zeppelin Reunion

    Rick Wakeman has just announced that he’ll be joining Chris Squire, Keith Emerson and Simon Kirke to warm up the crowd for Led Zeppelin’s reunion gig.

    The show is at the new O2 venue in London on 26th November.
    Not much detail is available at present; but you can check Rick Wakeman's Communication Centre at http://www.rwcc.com/ for updates.


  • Yes, and Simon Kirke will also be joining them.
    I think the warmup will be better than the reunion...

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

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