Live in Australia DVD/CD

  • Bought this DVD for my brother for Christmas and we watched it together recently. It is a really good performance indeed. On first listen Nights in White Satin, Frail and The Divine stood out for me, working even better than expected in this setting and with truckloads of emotion. No comments on bonus material, since this package contained only the show + the 3 videos. Will buy the complete one soon enough, couldn't find it in time for Santa. Anyways, fantastic performance, go get this and buy another one for your friend, grandma, neighbour...

    "It's not what you say, it's the feeling that's the song"

  • Hi all,

    i got the dvd yesterday.... but not the bonus dvd...
    guess there are 2 versions of the dvd out there? bommer

    now i have to buy it again WITH BONUS DVD

    (by the way , the sound sometimes is not to good (2.0 stereo); it sounds like the mike cant handle glenns loud singing, getting tighter with Barnes has the same problem, i hope it is just on my edition of the dvd)

    Wow... what a performance.. glenn and jj are on top of there game and the violinest closest to Glenns looks like he has a constant orgasme :-))


  • Classic Rock have published the following review of the Live in Australia DVD in the March edition:

    "Glenn Hughes really needs to sort out his packaging. That's not a comment on his ball-hugging satin bell-bottoms, but rather a criticism of the way his product is presented to tempt buyers. The cover of Hughes's recent twin-CD anthology was dull in the extreme, and on the front of this DVD he resembles a lightly boiled Chuckle Brother.

    It's a shame because in all other respects this is first rate. Hughes's first solo show in Australia tool place at Sydney's intimate Basement venue in June 2006, and his performance is superb. There are amazing reworkings of Deep Purple's Mistreated and You Keep on Moving, and Hughes is joined on stage by Jimmy Barnes for a rollicking run through Gettin' Tighter. Referring to Hughes's still-golden pipes, Barnes asks: "How are you supposed to fucking sing after that?" He's got a point." 7/10

    Another good review, but I must agree about the front cover. It looks like a really bad photocopy from the front of a cheap bootleg. The simple cover of the CD version is much better.


  • Hello,

    please can you help me with the cd release of Glenn's Live in Australia? I have seen on the net that there are two different releases of the cd, one with the black cover and another with the same cover as the DVD. Can anyaone tell me wich is the original one? or there are two different releases?

    Thank you in advance.



  • Love the look of amazement on the violin players (sitting behind Glenn) face when Glenn starts to hit the high notes.

  • I have had the DVD for a while, which is fantastic, and got the CD the other day.

    turned a work colleague onto it, and he is amazed, and is now a Glenn fan lol.


  • I have had this DVD for about three months now and I must have watched it about 10 times. Can't get enough of it.

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