Cambridge 2003 Pix & Video!

  • The Junction - Cambridge - Sunday, October 19th, 2003

    What a night - even though the set was shortened by a song or two (no You Kill Me and Burn) - GLENN still pulled out all the stops, with Wherever You Go, Gettin' Tighter plus Blue Jade being my highlights of the night! JJ, Tomas and Lasse all had their moments tonight, each being given a chance to show off their musical talents 8)

    In My Blood

    Higher Places

    First Step Of Love

    Written All Over Your Face


    Can't Stop The Flood

    Blue Jade


    Wherever You Go

    Gettin' Tighter

    Seventh Star

    You Keep On Moving

    It was great to see wolfysmith and Shirl again, plus Steve and Chuck. Hope to see them again on Tuesday night in London :)










    Fellow Fan Forum member, Shirl (middle) and friend with GLENN

  • WOW!!

    GREAT PICS!!, It seems it was a great rock n roll night, we can see it in your smile :)


    Cant stop Rock n Roll

  • Bl**dy hell, you must have been standing ight next to me!
    Great show, shame about Burn being omitted though.
    What was the Trapeze number that he did? I really liked that. Thought Seventh Star was excellent too.
    The after show meet wasn't as good as LOR at the Corn Exchange last year. I got the impression that the staff wanted him out (curfew at 11pm Sunday's) and Glenn (or rather the girl selling the merchandise) was rushing people through. He signed my covers of SITKOR, Stormbringer and Come Taste while he was talking to some woman, who just wouldn't go! Mind you I did persuaded him to have his photo taken with me, but the flash didn't work (bloody throw away camera's!). Gabbi also went all the way through her handbag to find me a pick - not a signiture one though BAH!
    He did say that he was going to return to Cambridge next year, so fingers crossed HTP will be on there.
    Thought the support band "Firebird" were very good too, worth watching out for!

  • Yeah Wicks, know what you mean about the 11 P.M. curfew. The Junction staff seemed to want to rush people out. It makes me laugh when you try and remonstrate with them and they say "come on mate, we all want to get home you know ", well in that case get some bloody staff who DON`T want to go home and everyone`s happy, result!!
    Great gig though, was it me or were all the T-shirts only in a small size ?
    Nice to meet the Funkmeister after the gig for a chat, managed a couple of words with JJ too.
    Can`t imagine that happening after a Whitesnake gig can you ?
    Andy B

  • Great pictures Shirl,
    And it's obvious that neither you, nor you daughters, have ever taken an ugly pill in your life!!!!
    Please identify which one is which, OK?

    One question, though. Why is Glenn wearing the top of a lemon meringue pie on his head?

    Oh, no......wait a that......THE SAME HAT......that GH can be seen wearing
    in old photographs, taken during his Deep Purple MK3 and 4 days?

    Is it some kind of "Lucky Hat" that travels to all concerts with him?
    Or should I start another fund-raising campaign to: "Let's Buy Glenn a New Hat!!!!!!"

    Uhhhhh......I hope that GH has a sense of humor about this......


  • Grace - Glenn apparently paid 'a fiver from Harrods' for the funky head attire, which incidentally I love on anyone, not just Glenn.

    I loved Marc Bolan in the top hat on the Slider album, which his brother Harry has in his possession now. I remember watching the Heavy Metal Kids all those years ago, and Gary Holton wearing similar attire. Same with Jamiroquai. Anastacia has some wonderful hats, and clothes, and voice ...

    Jennifer is wearing the Bolan tee-shirt and Angela ... isn't. Keith took some wonderful pictures of the band in action at the Bradford gig, though not sure what's on here and what's not - seen some good ones from James, too. Good photo of Gabi with my girls - will see if that appears somewhere, too.

    It was wonderful to meet up with Shirean and David yet again. I told them last weekend and will repeat again that we are all extremely grateful to them both for their constant hard work in keeping us up to date with Glenn and his music.

    Hope dearly to see you both in April.

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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