• Hi Funksters...

    Just wanted to give you all some info on the new, yet unrecorded album.

    My songs, and songwriting, have become more important to me these past couple of years, and lookin' @ this made me realize that I need to be makin' music that is completely satisfyin' to me as an artist.

    When I got clean and sober in '91, I hadn't written anything in a few years, so when I was freed from the human bondage, the floodgates opened... all thru the nineties I was blessed with the serenity to move 4ward, and grow as a human being, and live and breathe in God's grace... Since Soulmover, and M4TD, I have found a new belief in myself, not only as an Artist, but as a Man who is now come home.

    I asked myself a question this Spring: "What is the right and appropriate Musical path 4 me?"... The answer was quite simple, I have to make music that is pure and natural... It felt like I was seeing myself 4 the first time, and 4 once I had zero fear of what was in front of me.

    I had this feelin' early on in my career with "You Are The Music, We're Just The Band". I was just 20 years old when this album was recorded, but I had a strong vision, and I took my songs and arrangements to a new level in that period... For a young lad @ that age to add Alto Sax, and vibes, and pedal steel, was pretty risky, but it worked like a charm... With my new album, I feel it is time to love myself enough, and be brave enough.

    There will be more Glenn original songs than ever B4... I have been in my Studio day and night, when I am home in LA... This will be the funkiest album I've made so far... Yeah, I got somethin' cookin'. A couple song titles 4 you:
    "We Go To War" and "Imperfection".

    I'll be updating my blog a little later in the year.

    I love you, my Brothers and Sisters...

    Glenn, LA, Oct 11 2007


    Pictures Courtesy: Gabrielle Hughes


  • :) This is great news, much as i love Glenn`s rock music; what makes Glenn stand out from the crowd as an artist is his ability to combine Funk, soul and rock and come up with totally unique music, who else in the world of rock could produce an album like Feel or Play me out.

    Have just listened to You are the music and it still sounds fresh and vibrant and with timeless tracks like, Will our love end and Coast to Coast a touch of genius.

    Take care of yourself Glenn and am counting the days till the new album.

  • First of all, Glenn.............
    Thank you so much for this DIRECT REPORT from you,
    to us GHCPs, and added thanks to Gabi, our favorite
    GHCP photographer and typist :rose:

    I've always posted that I don't have a favorite GH album, because well, I don't.
    I've always considered that beginning with "Glenn Hughes Blues"
    everything since 1992 is pure gold for us fans.

    And since you've taken the path that you have, it's been a great adventure for us,
    to see where your music is taking you, with us coming along for the ride.

    By now.........I think that we can trust your judgement :)
    Or as I like to say: "If it's got Glenn Hughes' name on it, I'll buy it."
    This attitude hasn't steered me wrong yet.

    But please.......don't let this be the beginning of :

    Glenn Hughes ~ The Polka / Yodeling Album ~

    or the other GHCPS will be forced to kill me :(


  • Or be accompanied by a Morris Dancing video!!! :eek:
    Seriously,can't wait to hear the new album,Glenn - bring on the funk :claphands:claphands:claphands:claphands:claphands


    Ben !!

  • My response is similar to wolfy's, iain's and grace's. I can't wait for this next album as it would seem to further enhance Glenn's wish to tell it as it is and not as it's been ordained by others. I hope I am not misrepresenting what Glenn is saying here. For what we are about to receive.....I am truly thankful.

  • Thank you Glenn for your work.

    We all love you and your music :bow::bow::bow:

    I have same opinion that Grace .If it's got Glenn Hughes name on it, it´s sure another master piece and i have no other way that buy it.

    So i can´t wait to hear the new jewel you are making for our delight.

    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

  • very impatient to hear the new album.. good news to see that he will be a more funky and soul music album.. I really like You are the music.. and this kind of album can be a good suite to Feel...

  • looking forward to this also. seems a long time since m4td.

    interesting song titles. good fun trying to work out what the songs are about. Not sure difficult for 'we go to war', an anti [iraq] war song perhaps to open the album. imperfection, a song about glenn himself, or all of us?


  • We always fell good sensations when we see (or hear) someone following his heart advices (apologies for my poor english please :confused:).... Thats art... and its an example too, that we must follow: lets find ourselves inside and do what says our hearts, and we will be happy and compleated someday. Patience is necessary too. Love must to be with you, its something so strong, of generously and of sharing!!!!!!!!!! Glenn does what he loves and thats what he know how to do. Now more than ever, cause he finally plunged on hisself and did find the way. Its so beatifull!!!!! I will always be happy and feel good for know that Glenn keeps writing and singing, cause its makes me feel The Divine too. Its here, with us.
    Kisses to everyone.

  • New album sounds like it may be interesting according to the Fireworks interview with James. Looking forward to the continuing legacy of Play Me Out and Feel. Was also interested to see that Glenn only added Talking to Messiah, Big Time, and Redline to the Feel album late on due to the record company being worried about the lack of rock songs. I wonder what tracks would have bee included if these had not been added. Would the couple of tracks from incense and peaches be two??

    best wishes all.


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