Bradford Pix!

  • Bradford Rio's - Friday, October 17th, 2003

    GLENN was in stunning form (as ever)...the setlist was very similar to the recent Spanish shows - the highlight for us being Blue Jade, Beyond The Numb and Written All Over Your Face - a full set list will follow after all the shows, but for now Shirean and I had a blast meeting some old and new friends - a shout out to Pete and Dave, Sue, Karen & Pete, Chris, James and Shirl.

    Dudley here we come


    Chris Spencer

    Pete Stanford with GLENN

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, yourself:

    Using the 'ole insanity defense, huh, Spencer?

    Yep, that's what happens when there's too much haggis, and not enough shortbread in one's life.

    I hope that they find "a nice home" for you. ( Nice fashion statement, too.)

    No immediate reports: you must all still be dazed......glad that everyone had a great time!!!

    PS.......You know, after every concert, we GHCP's always seem to expect pictures
    and comments to be posted here INSTANTLY.....

    Thanks David and Shirean, for always meeting, then exceeding our expectations !!!

  • Thanx for the most flattering profile Shirean. Will download my pix when I work out how!!

    As for the show, well on the up side was seeing the man on stage - looking good and in excellent form. As for the set, more solo than Purple fortubately and the crowd seemed to know the songs, except Seventh Star I think. Written all over your face is an absolute gem live n bound to be a staple for future tours.

    The downside - the volume - too loud for a small venue n thus a tad distorted at times. Was it work the 700 mile round trip - hell yeah. As for meeting t'other GHCP's it was good to put names to faces, but geez James you look so young did you get half price on the train n show ID for a beer !!!!!!!

  • First off...sorry Chris...I just couldn't resist that earlier Kodak moment

    Next up we have a few more shots from the Bradford show, courtesy of Keith Thompson...many thanks Keith, sorry it took a little while to get them up on the site..we'll be putting a proper page together of all the gigs in a few days, but meantime...enjoy these additional cool pix everyone.

    Keith Thompson with GLENN

    GABI, fellow Fan Forum member, Shirl and GLENN

    Shirl's daughters with JJ

  • Ah Chris, my dear old haggered looking friend...

    My boyish good looks are as much a curse as a blessing. I mean there's only so many places I can find in the venue where there aren't women clamouring all over me - and I was trying to watch Glenn!

    Yes, half price on the train, adults acompanying me to the gig and a denim jacket from Mothercare. Rock and roll!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • WOW!!

    It seems it was a great tour!!,all you look sooo happy and charmed with the Glenn's magic

    All these pictures are really good, we hope to see more

    Have fun everybody :bouncer: !!!!

    Best wishes to Shirl

  • Ahhh baby faced take a mean pic for someone so young and despite the attentions of women falling at your Clarks kiddi shoes eh !!!

    Does Sue know how old your really are?

    A little less def (ouch - yes they were good) but old Chris

  • Well, to add to my photos are my thoughts on the two nights. Firstly Chris, yes, Sue does know how old I am. She's all kinds of wonderful and I could see her night would be complete if she were chaperoned by a chivalrous, rich, sharp witted, good looking hot young buck. As I fit that bill like a glove I only too happy to bask in her company.

    Both shows were phenomenal for different reasons. Bradford was a belting performance but the icing on the cake for me was meeting all the great people in person I'd talked to on the net for the last couple of years: Sue, Keith, Pete Stamford, Dave, David and Shirean, Pete, Shirl, Lyn and, oh what the hell, Chris as well. Of course I can add Glenn and Gabi to that list who are everything they are built up to be and so much more. With a crowd like that the gig could've been cancelled and I'd still have had a great night!

    Dudley was great because a smaller percentage of board members were there so I just concentrated more on the music and an extended set was a massive bonus. I've listened to Glenn's stuff for a long time, heard every trick, but NOTHING prepares you for witnessing him do it. It's so never see him inhale deeply for a big note, he can change keys at the drop of a hat, he can scream like nobody else around and he does all this while hammering away on the bass AND playing to the crowd.

    JJ is so good it's wrong. When you see how easy he makes things look you realise what a great find he was. Lasse and Thomas were rock solid and there wasn't a weak point in either set.

    The whole weekend was a mind blowing experience and I lived and breathed every second of it. The company at the shows, the performance from Big Daddy and the band, plus getting to meet Glenn, added up to what was pretty much the best weekend of my life. Cheers to all who shared it with me, and here's to many more!


    "How can you lose, when you're destined to be a winner?"

  • Like I said in the e-mail, James:
    A hundred miles an hour, put it into reverse. And never touch the brake......

    I see that you understand what I meant..."Watching GH sing, more so than just listening to him"....that's why there's nobody else like him.

    Everybody's description of Bradford, Dudley and Cambridge is so "Birch Hill" and "Velvet Sessions" to me, that I really feel that I was there with you all, because your postings are what I saw, heard, and felt on the 2 occasions that I went to a GH concert; Fellow GHCP's (a little nervous to ask total strangers) "Are you anybody that I know?" The warmth and friendliness of Gabi and Glenn, who treat each one of us as somebody important, instead of the other way around. The feeling when you leave, and go back to your "normal" life".....Hey, Glenn Hughes is a friend of mine!!!! And the music ain't too shabby none, either.

    So now there's a whole new crop of people in the UK, who will walk around wearing their "Glenn Hughes and me" photo t-shirts, huh?
    I think that that would be a subtle, yet appropiate fashion statement to make!!!!!!

    Message to Chris: Your photo was a perfect example of how a normal person reacts when confronted with the usual, brilliant performance of GH. I usually describe it as: "Your brains are gonna fall out!!!"
    Hey, you never saw posted here, the photograph from Birch Hill, of GH and me, did you? Heh, heh, heh....damn right you didn't. After Glenn announced that his fans wanted "funk", I thought: "I'll never hear my 3 favorites - Burn, Coast to Coast and You Keep On Moving."
    So Glenn sang the 3 songs and I cried like a weenie. When the show was over, and I met GH for the first time, somebody in the crowd offered to take a picture for me, with my camera. I was allegedly wearing water-proof mascara...I looked like a ten car pile up.
    Waterproof foot.

    Anyway....on to London tonight - have a great time everyone......
    And thanks Glenn, for giving all us GHCP's such great memories, as well as such great music!!!!!
    And take care of are very important in our lives.

  • You have said it all James. I'm glad the Glennpiccy came out well. I had moved off the Buxton Mineral water at that point so more luck than skill methinks. As I said over at, it was a mind blowing experience. I'm just so sorry (yet another) 40th got in the way of the Dudley gig, but I was there in spirit. HTP next! I'l be there. Now, do you think you could use your graphic design expertise to do something to my face to make me look 24 please??? eg. hair would do nicely!

  • Loved all the live shots from the shows, but I have to ask...who was the guy in the Harry Carey glasses and Hughes/Thrall hat that everyone was having their picture taken with?

    Kidding. Glad everyone had a blast. And damn mad that I wasn't able to be there. Agh!


  • Is it really only twelve days since we were all with Glenn??? It now seems like a lifetime away - again.

    Not so much of this now, a bit of this but when my copy of HTP2 arrives no doubt some more of this - and when Glenn comes back 'home' - :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

    Time for bed, methinks ...

    'You thought that you could take me for granted, but I couldn't take it no more. Better run if you see me coming ... '

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