Don't Let Me Bleed live video

  • I just need that "perfect" live video recording of Don't Let Me Bleed. I just love Glenn's vocal parts in this song. It's stunning!

    Last time I heard it live, some f... drunk people sabotaged Glenn's performance, and I know Glenn never will get on the stage on that place again.

    Anyone who can help me?


  • Of course, the most recent rendition of that song can be found on GLENN's YouTube channel, recorded with Chad Smith at the Whisky in LA this past June.

    Also, on the front page of this site, you'll see a "mini" edition of the video that will be included on the Oz DVD which is due any day now, recorded live in Rome last Summer, again with Mr. Smith on drums.

    So Krister, you're spoilt for choice :D

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