New album in March 2008?

  • During the Alta visit Glenn talked about a new album that will be on the streets in March 2008. He played some songs from it on a accustic guitar and they sounded wery good. Anders taped them on his phone to be ready for the recordings. Anders will be playing on the album, and JJ, as I understood it, aswell.


  • That sounds great and lets hope Glenn does some shows in the UK to promote the album as we have missed you in the North of England. No gigs since the Soulmover tour of 2005

  • Gives me something to get me through the frigid winter !!! :thumbup:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Anyone got any ideas about what they'd like to hear from it? Personally, I'd love to hear Big Daddy tackle an album with very little guitar - or at least very little overdriven guitar, and more piano. I'd love to hear an album that was mixture of the 'Songs from the West Side' material, "Save Me Tonight" and "I Will Follow You". Not necessarily mellow, just a shift away from hard rock for an album. Thoughts?

    And anyone got any good ideas for album titles? Here are a few:

    The Electric Church Sermon


  • very good news : JJ is on the album !! I love his guitar play.. and this will be a funkiest album.. perhaps the You are the music..'s son album :clapper: can't wait to hear this... :bouncer: :bouncer:

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