For those with a warped sense of humor

  • Roger and I watched this on one of the guitar playing boards he visits. We were in tears. Some people do not have enough to do. Someone has taken video of Steve Vai and other great guitar players and dubbed over to make them sound like a typical amatuers at Guitar Center. This one of Steve Vai made us cry. If you listen close you will hear a little Smoke on the Water. Note sure how much Steve Vai would appreciate it, though.

  • Ha, that is hilarious! Vai deserves it though, I remember reading an interview in which he said he prepared for recording a guitar solo by fasting for a week :lol:

  • Quote from Texas Susan

    "For those with a warped sense of humor".......

    I believe that you will find that this requirement is mandatory,
    as stated on Page #1,
    of the "Glenn Hughes Crazy People ~ Owner's Manual."

    PS.....And I know all the words to this snappy tune :lol:

  • Hi all

    I like Steve Vai. BUT he was never, and will never ever be a guitar player for the Snake :D

    I think that DC's decision to hire him was the greatest mistake he ever made for Whitesnake.


    ps that playing in the video was dreadful

  • I have always wondered how the staff in the average music store can possibly put up with the cacophony of 12 different guitarists playing in different keys with varying degrees of ability and microtonal tunings that give dissonance a new meaning. I can remember going over to Sam Ash in Carle Place on a Saturday afternoon....that was a mistake! It sounded like a dozen Siamese cats being run through a Cuisinart!! :eek: :confused:

    Rik Emmett used to write a lot of articles for Guitar Player and there was an article that I remember well about solo techniques and he creates a scenario where Jonathan B. Goode, a young guitarist is auditioning for a band. To the working guitarist, it is funny as hell and they will get all the jokes. he finishes the story with Jonathan playing those high screaming bends at max volume, the ones that the poor sales staff in guitar shops have to listen to all day.

    And Chuck..are you SURE that is you playing?? I could have sworn it was some unscrupulous bootlegger catching me trying to work out one of the movements in my unfinished rock opera Does The Wise Man Walk To School (Or Does He Carry His Lunch?) :lol: :cool:

    Have any of you ever seen the climactic guitar battle between Steve Vai and Ralph Macchio in the movie Crossroads? I watched it on You Tube and nearly blew half a cup of coffee through my nose all over the THAT is a riot!! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

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