'N Between Times - the Wolverhampton music scene

  • Yes indeed, in fact Shirean had posted about it a few years ago, plus it featured in an edition of CTC :cool:

    It certainly is an excellent read and in fact for CTC Subscribers back in 2002, the author, Keith Farley, was kind enough to offer us all a discount on his then, just released book.


    An Oral History of the Wolverhampton Group Scene of the 1960's

    An absolute must have! This book contains a vast collection of information on the wonderful Wolverhampton music scene of the 1960’s.

    It has great detail behind local artists and many stories from club go-ers of the Gaumont, the Club Lafayette, the Scala, the Cleveland Arms and many other local venues. If you know of Finders Keepers, Trapeze, Slade, Led Zeppelin just to name a few, then this book is for you. Keith has interviewed many members of the local groups and includes their memories along with a large number of photographs.

  • Makes me flash on the Family Tree of the Birmingham bands that Pete Frame did ..You got the lowdown on the Moody Blues, The Move, ELO ....and all points in between. Most impressive was the list of bands that Pete thanks for providing that classic sound. The one band name that cracked me up was...The Vacant Lot :thumbup::lol:

    Great stories crammed into every available margin....The Move doing a stretch of cabaret shows that ended one night when Roy Wood got into a fracas with someone in the audience....seems a vodka with lime was thrown about...and the band got kicked out of the club! And let's not forget the band's sole trip to the States in 1969 or thereabouts....they get to New York City...no one from the label is there to meet them..they load the gear into a station wagon and drive to Detroit to play several nights at the Grande Ballroom...then load the car and drive to San Francisco to play several nights at The Fillmore. The journey was brutal; they get the piss taken out of them by rednecks at truck stops because of their appearance....They play the shows and are invited to play some shows in New York City....faced with the prospect of another four day trip in the car, they decline the offer and get the first flight back to London!

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  • Does anyone know where I could purchase a copy of 'N BETWEEN TIMES by the late Keith Farley ?
    I've been searching for a copy and I haven't found one available. I believe it has been out of print for a number of years.

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