I have a present for Glenn

  • Glenn had a meeting with the fans this afternoon in Valencia(Spain).AHHHHHHHHH................!!!

    I could not go cos the work...I didn't know it up until 2 hours before.My city is Zaragoza (325 km. to Valencia).

    My brother in Valencia was luckiest than i cos he could see Glenn.

    Oh no !!.I had liked to give Glenn a present and to ask him for coming to my city to sing during the Expo 2008 it would be a beautiful date.........

    It 's a T-shirt with Expo's logo that for sure i'll try to give it to Glenn during the live show in Valencia.

    I hope that Glenn likes it as the paint that we had painted for him and THE ONE signed to us in he ROCKZNANTE FESTIVAL 2006(Alcala de Henares-Madrid).

    I pray to the VOICE'S GOD to see him in a live show in my city in 2008.

    See you all in Valencia tomorow my friends


    :bow: Following"THE VOICE" of coast to coast:bow:

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