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  • GLENN kicked off the Spanish run of gigs this evening in Sevilla - his first time playing in the South West region
    of Spain.

    He wanted to let you all know and especially those who were at the show tonight, plus of course, those going to Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.....


    Big Daddy ruled 2 nite... the fans had me cryin' along with them

    :singer: :claphands :singer:

    But of course,

    :nopics: :p ;)

  • Thanks David and Monse :thumbup:

    I will upload our Barcelona pictures in my gallery today. They will probably not be as good as the Raismes ones because the lights were not excellent. But some of them are really cool.
    The Barcelona audience was the hottest one I've ever seen. You could feel the connection between Glenn and the crowd and it was fantastic. And of course, Papa and the band were in top form.
    I also had the great pleasure to meet Inma (muchos besos senorita....) :thumbup:

    Here is the set list :
    Valiant denial
    Land of the livin'
    Mistreated (JJ was amazing)
    You got soul
    This time around (JJ promised he will not tell anyone he saw me cry :lol: )
    Gettin tighter (brilliant solo by Matt)
    Don't let me bleed
    Steppin' on
    You keep on moving

    Soul mover


  • Did you meet INMA?? She is great woman!!!!. I was with her in Madrid, sala Heineken.

    If you think that The Barcelona audience was the hottest one you have ever seen next time you have to come to Madrid...

    the set list was the same.
    Here are some pictures:

  • Thanks Gema!! you are one of a kind! as Nath is too!! :rose:
    I had such a great time with you all!!!
    I'll post my pics in a few days, I am still a reflex lover (and cannot afford a digi-reflex yet!! lol) and have to develope my films, but I am sure they won't be as good as the ones taken by Jerome "The photographer"!!! :) :) not to mention I could hardly keep still to take good pics!!!

    You both are right, Madrid and Barcelona audiences were really hot (hey! WE were there, weren't we??!!! lol) but I must say both shows were the hottest by Glenn I've ever seen.... so full of soul, love and feelings from him, the band and the audience, a real feedback!! Oh Paul, what you missed!!!!
    JJ was a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y fantastic, and Goom is a powerful drummer indeed!

    Don't worry Nath... I've missed the count of how many times I cried!!! :D

    well as you see I am still "suffering" the Syndrom-Post-Glenn... a very dangerously addictive one!! :D :D :D I keep on jumping!!!


  • Glad to see you all got there and had such a great time. Glenn never disappoints !!
    Great pics and videos too. Wish I coulda been there, it would have been a blast...maybe one of these days :confused:

    "if only we'd turn around and notice the door to the cell is open"

  • Glenn looks in really good shape and JJ's new hair style much better. He doesnt have to wear his hat now!

    Yeah, they both look like they're in tip-top shape and for JJ, it's like a flash-back to the '96 "Addiction" tour. Pleased to see everyone so healthy and firing on all cylinders :thumbup:

  • :thumbup: Just back from shows in Spain and France. I just wanted to thank everyone who came to shows. It was a pleasure to meet so many of you at the gigs. Crowd reaction was amazing.

    Glenn, JJ and Anders were in fine form. It was a fantastic experience and we all had a great time!!!

    They just keep getting better.

    Ive now reached double figures on the gig front with Paps. I'm very excited about the next ones too !!!!!!!

    See you at the weekend in Norway.

    Rock on



  • Just wanted to thank the whole Glenn Camp and his Fans for making me and my Band Adrenaline 101 feel so welcome. We all had a blast! If anyone took some pictures or videos from our set, feel free to send it to me at:

    All best,

  • Hi all !
    Thanks for the pics Gema. I definitively need to go to Madrid for a gig with you and Inma...
    I just can't concentrate on my work, I'm still in Barcelona in thoughts...

    I just uploaded in My Gallery some pics Jerome took in Barcelona.

    As I told you before, the lights were not that good and the pics are a bit too red. Hope you will like them :)

    Pascal, sorry, we don't have any good pic of your set. They are all completely black. But I will check with my friends and let you know ;) And, by the way, congrats to you and your band. You were great :thumbup:

    Matt, all the best for the rest of tour. See you in November ;)



  • Hi All,

    I have never seen such an incredible audience reaction at a GH gig as I did at the Barcelona show.

    Glenn and band were stopped in their tracks mid-set and just had to take in the adulation before they could carry on.

    Great venue, great fans and a packed house. This seems to have been a very special tour.

    Nathalie, sorrry I missed you (again!) as I could not get anywhere near the front due to late arrival at 9.30pm.

    Stay Fun(ky)
    Mikey D

  • I have never seen such an incredible audience reaction
    at a GH gig as I did at the Barcelona show.
    Glenn and band were stopped in their tracks mid-set
    and just had to take in the adulation before they could carry on.

    Just change the word "Barcelona" to "BB King's ~ New York City."

    The same thing happened.........


  • Oh yes!! so I wouldn't have to scan them all in my crappy scanner... well it's not a bad one but the glass is kinda dirty inside and pics don't get as clean as they look on paper. I dont dare to open it to clean it, it's not easy (I tried a bit) and I am afraid I could ruin the machine!! not to mention all the money I would save on films and developing! looooool

    Thanks so much Nath!

  • Well,this is a long story about my computer and its electric problems.The pics are in my camera since last thursday but my computer has been out of my own for 3 weeks :mad::mad::mad:

    The concert in Valencia was great.It was a very very hot night and Glenn finished the show completly exhausted.I won a V.I.P TICKET and a meet&greet(in a rockweb competition) after the show, but Glenn was really tired and he refused the meet&greet.I was very sad :confused: but finally I could give him a pic from 2001 and he signed it (I stopped him when he was going out of the side) :thumbup::thumbup:

    The set list:


    I'm going to put the pics in My Gallery.

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