Live in London review

  • Just received my copy of the Live in London CD which I am very pleased with. I have had the vinyl album since it came out in '82 so was keen to see (hear!) the difference. The additions in terms of between song chat and the inclusion of Space Truckin' are worth the wait alone.

    I did notice that both David and Glenn's voices sounded like you would expect at the end of the long UK tour...."well used" but this does not detract from the performance.

    Glenn's contribution is 100% as usual and a joy to hear on CD rather than through the scratches on vinyl.

    What are other opinions?

  • Definitely agree with you Damian regarding the banter between songs, love the Tommy Cooper reference that Lord brings up with the crowd :p

    It isn't as crisp sounding as I was expecting, but still a vast improvement over the original release(s).

    Now looking forward to the Stormbringer remaster from dpas with GLENN's contributions, hopefully by year's
    end :thumbup:

  • I can't wait for Stormbringer either! Ritchie Blackmore may have dismissed this album but I have always enjoyed the funkier elements that were introduced. Just to hear "Hold On" in a newly remastered state is enough for me :cool:

    And it will be doubly cool since Glenn had a "hands on" during the remixing process on several of the tracks. I know he wanted to help out with Burn but it didn't happen. And once this is released we can all await Come Taste the Band getting the million mile tune up it so deserves! :thumbup:

    Yours In The Funk
    Bill "Capt. Midnite" Redford


    "Cause if you fake the FUNK..your nose got to grow!" Bootsy Collins

  • I found the Live in London vinyl album of 1982 in my husband's archives. I was very happy because Glenn signed it for me on Sept 7th in Kavarna. I will post the picture in 'my gallery'. And it was a very lucky coincidence 'cause this happened at the time when the Live in London CD came out and we have them both now :)

    It was a great idea to release this album on CD since most of us don't have a gramophone any more to play the vinyl record. The CD is great to listen to in the car as we do.

  • For me LIVE IN LONDON is favorite live-album of DEEP PURPLE MARK III.
    I like this record from old days when this was on vynil LP.
    Particularly for "You Fool No One". And on CD-reissue we have at now "Space Truckin'" - this does not yield to to description!
    Just GREAT stuff!!! :clapper:

  • Love the Smoke and Mistreated Versions on here.

    Not A Fan of the overlong Space Truckin..Too self indulgent..probably great to watch live,,but bores me to death as audio only I'm afraid.

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