Stormbringer Remaster

  • Not sure when it's due, but what with Live in London getting pushed back and only now getting a release, it's no doubt delayed due to that. I would imagine it'll be out before Christmas, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Shoot an to dpas - I'm sure they'll give you an update, as it is currently available for pre-order.

    I"m chomping at the bit for this one too :D

  • An update from dpas:


    Stormbringer has gone back to Spring 2008.

    Work on the upgraded Stormbringer began in October 2006. It will include remastering of the original album master tape, and the usual bonus items taken from the multi-tracks, with remixes by Glenn Hughes and tracks from the quad edition. Extensive booklet. We are expecting a Spring 2008 release.

    Can't wait for Easter now, lots to look forward to beside chocolate :D

  • According to the Deep Purple Appreciation Society, it looks like the wheels are turning again on the DEEP PURPLE "Stormbringer" remaster. The album, which was originally issued in November 1974, will be re-released as a double-CD set, with CD1 featuring the original album remastered plus the new mixes by Glenn Hughes and Pete Mew. CD2 will contain the original quad mixes in 4.1 and stereo. The set is likely to come out in a special edition, which Simon Robinson from the Deep Purple Appreciation Society has been asked to put together. "I'm going for a CD-size hardback book format, with extras including accurate reproductions of the American in-store advertising card and other goodies," Simon says. No firm release date has been confirmed yet.

  • That's good to hear, because for a short while it was looking like the remaster might have been shelved. And that would have been a pity, as they're so close to wrapping up the 70's era of the band.

    And of course, for fans of the reunion-era, those albums have already been remastered with the odd bonus track here or there. But nothing even close to the packaging and extra special treatment of these remasters from the early daze...


  • Fantastic news Jon thank you for that! That's on my list of purchases for sure. In fact I'd love to hear Glenn do Holy Man as an acoustic number within his full band set. He already does it in the acoustic set. Anyway back to Stormbringer remaster. Yep look like Simon's giving it a worthy treatment. Bring it on!

  • Good news, indeed - I was probably as afraid as Arjen was!
    Stormbringer somehow always seems to disappear between the mighty Burn and Come Taste The Band - probably 'cause Blackmore has never been fond of it!?
    Such an excellent album though...



  • Another update from dpas:


    A few more reels of 16 track masters have just surfaced and EMI are looking at the possibility of getting listening copies to see if these yield anything more than the tapes which Glenn did the remixes from.

    So a little while longer to wait me problem, I'd rather wait until everything is found, to lay down the best possible remaster.

  • Was listening to Stormbringer today on the ipod-what a great album, and you can hear Glenn is a massive influence on the style of songs on the album :clapper:


    can't wait for the remastered piece... :bouncer: :bouncer: :bouncer:

  • Yes, been waiting a long time for this one, "Stormbringer" is a great album!! Lets hope it's a good remaster, not all are improvements on the originals, take "Rainbow Rising" for example, the remaster is worse. "Burn" however was great, so fingers crossed!

  • Update from dpas:


    The wheels are turning again on the Stormbringer remaster. There will be a 2xCD limited slipcase edition with original quad 4.1 mixes and other goodies, including Glenn's excellent remix work, video elements and more.

    There is a double gatefold vinyl edition planned, also limited. These are available to pre-order from dpas mailorder (anyone who ordered before this was posted will automatically be shipped the 2xCD edition). Once the LE 2CD has gone, the title will be issued as a lower priced 1xCD regular edition with the album, remixes and a few other items. It looks like the old CD version is being deleted so if you prefer the softer CD transfer, and haven't got this, best order sharpish. Glenn has contributed some text for the booklet, and a super big transparency of the original sleeve painting has been unearthed in America to use on the reworked sleeve.

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